Wednesday, July 27, 2011


ughhhh, I have like no energy but if I don't write this now I probably never will.

Nothing of consequence really happened on Monday. Both of my midterms were this past week so I spent a lot of my time studying. That's pretty much how I spent my entire day.

Tuesday was about the same. Get up, go to class, study, go to class again, study some more, go to bed.

Wednesday at least had a little variety to it. While I still spent most of the day studying, that night Autumn, Hannah and I "heard the call of the ice cream" so we tried this place down where we live called Sub Zero. It's a little like Cold Stone, except that you pick a base and they blast it with nitrogen so it turns into ice cream right in front of you. I thought it was pretty cool. I finally finished studying for my first midterm that night too so I watched the first half of Mulan with Aaron.

Thursday I took my first midterm for Humanities, which went pretty well. After I got home though I had to turn down an invitation to go to the movies in order to study for my second midterm.  I spent most of the rest of my day studying for that but I also had an intense Laundry adventure with Autumn where we decided that we were going to start a hippie band. I play the guitar, Hannah is the lead singer, Autumn plays the tambourine, Seth plays the base, James is the interpretive dancer, Brian plays the drums, and Aaron plays the sitar. After we decided who was doing what, I drew an amazing stick figure picture of what I assumed it would look like. Around 12:00 I started to feel really sick, which was a bummer considering I still had studying to do but fortunately Aaron was just getting back from the movies and I was able to pawn him into giving me some of his orange juice while Autumn and I informed him of his future occupation as a sitar player in our band, which is called by the way "$5 richer".    

So, with all of my studying I sort of had a boring week but I think my weekend made up for it. Friday
Autumn left absurdly early in the morning on her way to spend the long weekend in Colorado with her family. When I got up I headed over to the testing center to take me World Civ. final and after a bit of confusion I finally found it. Three hours later, I went home. I got my hair cut, it's about three or four inches shorter and layered now so it's pretty short and I finally went to the store after having to go for like a week and a half. That evening I watched the Mormon version of Pride and Prejudice with Seth, Hannah, and Aaron. After we watched the movie, Seth stole Hannah's phone and so she and I battled Seth and Aaron to get it back for like an hour. Once that was finally settled we played twister for a little while before deciding to get slurpees.On our way to 7-11 though we passed a Wendy's and decided that we would rather have frostiest but the lobby place was closed. We tried to walk through the drive-thru but they wouldn't let us, so we left. When we got to 7-11 their Slurpee machine was broken so we had to leave there too. We tried to decide where to go from  there since most places were probably closed. We then walked home and stopped on the way at Denny's to get some ice cream. It was about 2:00 am by the time we left. Seth and Hannah went home but Aaron decided that I needed to watch Lost. I watched an episode and a half but then my laptop died so we went home. When I got home though I couldn't sleep so I stayed up for about another hour or some and finally fell asleep around 6:00.  

Saturday I didn't do a whole lot. I was considering going to the nickelcade but didn't end up going. Later in the afternoon a group was going to the dollar theater to watch Thor. When we got there though, the closest show had already started and it was in 3D so it was $4. Aaron and I decided not to go and to instead we bought tickets for X-men first class for later that night since he hadn't seen it. Then we went back to 7-11 so he could drop a movie off at the red box there. The Slurpee machine was apparently fixed now too so we finally got slurpees. We watched Seth play Fable for a while and then the three of us went to X-men. On our way there we ran into the group coming back from Thor. When we got there though, it was sold out so Seth ended up going home. After X-men, we were both crazy hungry but it was just after midnight so we didn't want to buy anything since it was technically Sunday and we didn't have any more money with us anyway, so we ended up eating various fruit and cheese and peanut butter by Mimi and Roger.

Sunday was pretty normal too. I went to church, cleaned up some, went to a building meeting, went back to church, and bummed around at home. Around 11:15 at night though Aaron told me that they were making cookies so I should come over. Seth, Aaron, Hope, James and I made cookies, and finished right before midnight. 

Monday is where I had a really interesting day. It was the celebration of Pioneer day so there wasn't any school. I started off my Monday morning outside Aaron, James, and Seth's apartment with the three of them and Hope eating the cookies we had just made. Around 1:00 Brian showed up and decided that we should ring in Pioneer Day with some fireworks. We went to an abandoned parking lot and Seth and I watched James, Aaron, Brian, and Hope have a roman candle fight and we all lit off some firecrackers. We found out that the firecrackers were waterproof and so we decided to throw them into water. It was really cool looking. They didn't really make any noise but they would make a poofing sound, sometimes there would be splashes of water, and there would be a flash of light. After a while Seth left and we ran out of lighter fluid.

I don't remember who it was, I think either James or Brian, decided that it would be a good idea to then, at 2:00 in the morning, drive to Wyoming to get more fireworks and for some crazy reason the rest of us decided it was also a good idea. So James, Brian, Aaron, Hope and I all piled into Brian's car and headed off for Wyoming. It's actually not that far away and we got to the "Welcome to Wyoming" sign at about 3:30. We took a few pictures in front of the sign and then headed on our way. We got to the firework place at about 4:00 but it turns out it wasn't open at 4:00 in the morning. I'm not exactly sure why we though it would be. Since it was closed we went to a truck stop where we tried to decide what to do next. We stayed there for about an hour while we tried to decided if we wanted to eat breakfast at Salt Lake or Park City. We ended up deciding on Salt Lake and headed out. As we were leaving though Hope, Brian, and James decided that they wanted to go fishing.

On our way to Salt Lake we stopped at a river and the three of them went fishing while Aaron and I twiddled our thumbs and watched videos on Youtube. We looked up one time from a video we were watching to see a creepy looking man just staring at the three of them in the water. We had no idea who he was and he sure looked freaky. It turns out that he was a fisherman who had gotten up painfully early to go fishing. As we left, the creepy guy went out on his boat to fish I guess. We left the lake around 5:30. We got into Salt Lake around 6:00ish and ate breakfast at Starbucks. We hung out there for a while and headed home around 7:00. We got home at 8:00 and I immediately crashed into bed.

Once I got up a few hours later, I didn't do much else that day. I watched most of an episode of Harper's Island, I have Aaron and Autumn so hooked on that show! Hannah came to my apartment to make cookies since we were combining out FHE groups but I wasn't there, I was out giving blood. It was my first time giving blood an I'll admit that I was absolutely terrified. They had to take my pulse twice because the first time I was so nervous my heart was beating to fast. It really wasn't that bad though. I worst part was when they took a sample of my blood. Getting stabbed in the finger actual kind of hurt a lot.

After I was done giving blood I went to FHE. It was fun, we played a game, I don't remember what it was called but it was like a combination of candy land, scatagories, and curses. One amusing thing that did happen though was that there was a chorus of premature amens during the closing prayer. The guy that was giving the prayer was really quiet so it was hard to hear what he was saying. I guess someone thought that he had said amen so she did and once she did everyone else followed. Everyone looked up and the guy giving the prayer just gave us this really funny look and kept on praying. I though it was pretty funny. It would be an interesting way to let someone know they there prayer is going on for to long.

When I got back from FHE, Autumn was back so she, Hannah, and I walked up to campus to see if the bowling ally in the Wilk was still open. It wasn't and so we found some burger place and had dinner. Then we went back to campus to look at the different sculptures in the dark. I guess there is something that you're supposed to do so that the Brigham Young sculpture looks like he's doing the "Funky Chicken" but we didn't know exactly what that was supposed to mean and we didn't know what to do either so we went home.Well, actually we went to Aaron, Seth, and James's apartment to get our "album cover" or the picture I had drawn of our band, and then we went home.      

Tuesday was normal enough. I went to class and then went to the campus devotional. Usually the devotionals every Tuesday are really good and I really like going to them but the one today was about how to properly raise your troubled teenager. Needless to say it didn't exactly apply to me. After my humanities class I checked the mail and discover that I had gotten an amazingtastic package from Chelsea! Autumn and I went to the store later that night. She got food and I got crazy awesome things to send my associates. I don't think that I'll have it ready for July but I should be able to kick off August with a sweet package for you guys. After the store we went home and I read my World Civ book for a while before going to bed.

I don't think I'm doing anything fantastical today. Probably getting the last thing so I can send off that package of awesome and reading my World Civ. book. So, yeah, that's how my week has been.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Apparently my clingy stalkers are growing antsy and demand a new update, so here you all go. My last update was on Saturday a week ago? Well I went to "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and I though it was amazing. I hadn't  seen it before but I really liked it.

Sunday was a pretty normal day, I went to Church and what not. Monday was 7-11 so I went with Aaron to  7-11 to get a free Slurpee, and that night we watched a horrific movie. I think it was called Battlefield L.A.? Something like that. If you enjoy movies avoid it. I was so disappointed in Aaron Eckheart for being in such a terrible movie. After the movie we explored the complex at night and got soaking wet from all of the sprinklers that were going off.

Tuesday I went to class and had a pretty much normal day. When I got home Autumn and Hannah and I went out to get ice cream since they owed it to me. That night Aaron came over and we made rice balls for dinner. The chicken I was cooking for it though took forever so while we were waiting we watched the rest of the Princess Bride, played cards, played ninja, walked around, and went to the store.

Wednesday we had our monthly cleaning check here so I spent most of the day when I wasn't in class cleaning up our apartment. That night Autumn's friend came over and she, Hannah, Autumn, and I went to get  ice cream since this time I owed it to them. That night the four of us also watched Star Dust.

Thursday was a pretty normal day too. That night Aaron and I went out to explore BYU at night. We tried to get to the top of the Kimball tower but it was locked. We also looked around the science building and a few other place. After we were done exploring we went back to his apartment and I introduced him to Harper's Island. That is such a great show!

Friday I didn't have any class but I spent the day studying. That night I went over to Aaron's for dinner and we, along with Hannah and Seth went to see Harry Potter. It took forever to walk there and we got there kind of early so we ended up spending some time at the Deseret Book store. I picked up the Mormon version of Pride and Prejudice for Autumn and I also got an awesome thing of awesome which I intend to send to Riley for his birthday. I thought the movie was good but there were some inconsistencies I didn't really like and there is no way it could stand on it's own as a movie. After the movie we walked home and watched the first half of Sherlock Holmes by Mimi. Oh! That reminds me, I totally found Mimi here. I'll have to take a picture of her for you guys.

Saturday I again spent the day studying and that night Autumn, Hannah, Seth, Aaron, and I went to a masquerade they were having here. The dance went from 7:00- 11:00 but we only stayed until a little after 9:00. After we went home we watched and episode of Harper's Island while I ate all of the carrots he had in his apartment. After one episode though we had to give James back his laptop, which is the one that had Netflix on it, so we decided to watch the rest of Sherlock Holmes.

Sunday was a pretty regular day too. Church, more church, and more church... After church Seth, Aaron, James, and Hannah came over to Autumn and my apartment for tacos and we played scattagories. Then we went to church again. Sooooo much church on Sundays.... After all the church I went home and wrote a paper and later that night Aaron and I became facebook official.

Today I went to class, and that's about it. We have FHE tonight, which should be fun. We're going to play kickball and I'm still looking for someone to give the lesson. Aside from that though I'll probably just spend the rest of the day studying. Oh, I also got in the mail today the soundtrack from the Scarlet Pimpernel, which I ordered a few days ago. Also, I've also been writing post cards but I don't have anyone's address. So send my your address and you might get something in the mail.

Well, that's about it. Hopefully this puts off your antsiness for a while. I'll try to maybe be more consistent with my updates. At least I'm not as bad as Hillary =P        

Sunday, July 10, 2011

For Brandi

Brandi demanded some pictures so here you go.

Brandi wanted to see fiver now that he has his bunny tails 

This is our new decked out living room, Autumn decided that it needed to be rearranged. It's actually been like this for like 2 weeks. 

We also started a quote wall of crazy things that are said here. 

She wanted to see the Y cookies that I made too. I made those on Thursday. 

The Whale Tail sculpture from Jetty Island, it's here! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not a dance party

I have to say, I've had quite the weekend. It's included just about everything but a dance party.

Thursday afternoon I went to the store where I ran into Aaron and Seth, two neighbors/ kids from my ward who told me about a dance party that was going on that night at 9:00. Autumn and I decided to go and at 9:00 we went to the building where the party was supposed to be.

On our way there we ran into Aaron, and Seth who were on their way to the party, along with Hannah, Laurel, and Anna, who were also on their way there.

As we reached the building where the party was supposed to be, it was entirely dark and quite. Somewhat hesitantly  we sent I think Seth up to go see what was going on. It turned out that not only was there no dance party going on, but the kid that lived there had no idea what we were talking about.

Somewhat disheartened about the apparent lack of a dance party, we ended up going back to Autumn and my apartment where we played apples to apples. After a little while we were joined by James and Brian, two other kids that lived near by. We played apples to apples for a while but then ended up outside playing sardines, 10 fingers and ninja around the Wyview complex. After that our group ended up being just, me, Autumn, Aaron, Seth, Hannah, James, and Brian.

It was past midnight then and there's a rule in Wyview that you're only allowed to have people of the opposite gender in your apartment until midnight on weeknights so we couldn't go inside but no one was tired or had a class that they needed to go to the next day so we decided to walk to a nearby strip mall.

Our plan was to go to the A&W that was in the strip mall but it ended up being closed so we headed towards the dollar theater. When we got to the theater, we decided to see Thor but we couldn't find anyone that worked there. There were people coming out of movie viewing rooms but there wasn't a single person that worked there. Seth and I looked in every room, and he even jumped behind the counter to see if anyone was back in the back room but there wasn't anyone. Finally, after like 20 minutes of looking we found one elusive person who told us that the theater was closed, so we left.

Since Denny's was on the way home, we stopped there and had an early breakfast. We got there around 1:00 and got home probably close to 2:30. When we got home, Hannah, Seth, and eventually Brian went to bed and Aaron, Autumn, James, and I watched the first half hour of The Princess Bride out by a field right next to Wyview since Aaron had never seen it before, which I think is a crime against humanity. We were only able to watch the first half hour because after that my laptop died and it was 3:00 so we figured that we should probably go to bed anyway.

Yesterday, I had a pretty normal day, but that night the school was showing UP outside, so Aaron, Seth, James, Brian, Autumn, Hannah, and I went to that. When we got there we ran into "the Joshes", two guys who are roommate who are both named Josh. There was free ice cream and a water balloon toss, and they threw free t-shirts out into the crowd. Seth and Aaron, and Autumn and I participated in the water balloon toss twice. The first time we both lost but the second time Seth and Aaron won. During the movie, Aaron pretended to be blind so I had to describe the movie to him. On our way home though, I sort of felt bad because we saw an actual blind boy.

After the movie, we went to Seth, James, and Aaron's apartment where we had some of the Lasagna they had mad the other day and watch "The Sasquatch Gang". On Fridays you're allowed to keep people in your apartment until 1:30 so we stayed there until then, which is about when the movie ended anyway. After that I was tired so I went to bed, and I guess a lot of other people did too. Autumn, James, and Brian ended up hiking the Y though so she didn't get back until super late.

Today I went to the Museum of Art for my Humanities class and tonight, again for Humanities, I'll be going to Shakespeare in the Park to watch "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I'm pretty sure Autumn is coming with me and I think Seth, Hannah, and Aaron might be too.

Ironically, forming this new group of people to hang out with has made me miss home more than I have yet so far. As much as I like them, and I enjoy being with them, I would rather drag Scott to Shakespeare in the Park and listen to him complain about everything, or make Katy hike the Y with me, or complain with Riley and Karoline about how hot it is here, or go see a movie in the park with Chelsea, or go to Denny's at 1:00 in the morning with Josh, Hillary, and David or whatever. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to bug them a lot when I get back. Well, I'm off to Shakespeare in the Park!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eventful afternoon

Well I had an interesting afternoon the other day.

On my way home from school a found myself behind an engaged couple who are in my ward here in Provo. Strangely enough, this put me in a rather awkward position. In case you're unaware, engaged couples are... well to say the least they are dripping with sappy romance, all the time. So to spend any extended amount time with them together, no matter how great of people they may be, can get somewhat uncomfortable.

In this situation I found myself in the other day, I was walking home alone, at what I would consider an average speed. As I looked up, I saw the couple ahead of me, slowly strolling along. Here is where the dilemma began. If I continued at my current, average walking speed, I would soon approach them. I couldn't just walk right past them, I did know them after all, at least a little, and so that would be rude. I couldn't go talk to them both since they were clearly engaging in some kind of painfully slow romantic stroll and I assume wanted to be left alone. And as I mentioned earlier, extended time with an engaged couple can get very awkward very fast, and we were about a mile away from the area where we all lived.

I didn't want to walk close behind them, because that would just be creepy and so sadly I was left with no other option but to put a reasonable distance between myself and the couple, while still staying behind them. Unfortunately though, this meant though that I had to walk even slower than they were.

Needless to say, it took us forever to get anywhere and all of my planning was for naught anyway, as we caught up to each other waiting for the cross walk. Thankfully though, I also ran into someone else I knew there and we were able to speed past the engaged couple while having a pleasant conversation involving ice cream, cousins, and the Children of Israel.  

As I approached my apartment, I was reflecting on how I thankfully been able to get out of walking slower than a grandmother snail, and that I couldn't wait to get out of the 95 degree heat and into the arctic tundra of my air conditioned apartment (I think my roommate and my sister are both part polar bear, they always like to keep everything so cold!) when I remember that I had left my key in my scripture bag on my desk, inside my apartment.

Thus commenced the breaking in to my own home. It actually wasn't a break in so much as me shamelessly going to my roommate’s window and knocking on it asking her to let me in. 

so, yeah, an interesting afternoon. On a more positive note, fiver's bunny tails are starting to sprout. They look pretty cool.