Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not a dance party

I have to say, I've had quite the weekend. It's included just about everything but a dance party.

Thursday afternoon I went to the store where I ran into Aaron and Seth, two neighbors/ kids from my ward who told me about a dance party that was going on that night at 9:00. Autumn and I decided to go and at 9:00 we went to the building where the party was supposed to be.

On our way there we ran into Aaron, and Seth who were on their way to the party, along with Hannah, Laurel, and Anna, who were also on their way there.

As we reached the building where the party was supposed to be, it was entirely dark and quite. Somewhat hesitantly  we sent I think Seth up to go see what was going on. It turned out that not only was there no dance party going on, but the kid that lived there had no idea what we were talking about.

Somewhat disheartened about the apparent lack of a dance party, we ended up going back to Autumn and my apartment where we played apples to apples. After a little while we were joined by James and Brian, two other kids that lived near by. We played apples to apples for a while but then ended up outside playing sardines, 10 fingers and ninja around the Wyview complex. After that our group ended up being just, me, Autumn, Aaron, Seth, Hannah, James, and Brian.

It was past midnight then and there's a rule in Wyview that you're only allowed to have people of the opposite gender in your apartment until midnight on weeknights so we couldn't go inside but no one was tired or had a class that they needed to go to the next day so we decided to walk to a nearby strip mall.

Our plan was to go to the A&W that was in the strip mall but it ended up being closed so we headed towards the dollar theater. When we got to the theater, we decided to see Thor but we couldn't find anyone that worked there. There were people coming out of movie viewing rooms but there wasn't a single person that worked there. Seth and I looked in every room, and he even jumped behind the counter to see if anyone was back in the back room but there wasn't anyone. Finally, after like 20 minutes of looking we found one elusive person who told us that the theater was closed, so we left.

Since Denny's was on the way home, we stopped there and had an early breakfast. We got there around 1:00 and got home probably close to 2:30. When we got home, Hannah, Seth, and eventually Brian went to bed and Aaron, Autumn, James, and I watched the first half hour of The Princess Bride out by a field right next to Wyview since Aaron had never seen it before, which I think is a crime against humanity. We were only able to watch the first half hour because after that my laptop died and it was 3:00 so we figured that we should probably go to bed anyway.

Yesterday, I had a pretty normal day, but that night the school was showing UP outside, so Aaron, Seth, James, Brian, Autumn, Hannah, and I went to that. When we got there we ran into "the Joshes", two guys who are roommate who are both named Josh. There was free ice cream and a water balloon toss, and they threw free t-shirts out into the crowd. Seth and Aaron, and Autumn and I participated in the water balloon toss twice. The first time we both lost but the second time Seth and Aaron won. During the movie, Aaron pretended to be blind so I had to describe the movie to him. On our way home though, I sort of felt bad because we saw an actual blind boy.

After the movie, we went to Seth, James, and Aaron's apartment where we had some of the Lasagna they had mad the other day and watch "The Sasquatch Gang". On Fridays you're allowed to keep people in your apartment until 1:30 so we stayed there until then, which is about when the movie ended anyway. After that I was tired so I went to bed, and I guess a lot of other people did too. Autumn, James, and Brian ended up hiking the Y though so she didn't get back until super late.

Today I went to the Museum of Art for my Humanities class and tonight, again for Humanities, I'll be going to Shakespeare in the Park to watch "A Midsummer Night's Dream." I'm pretty sure Autumn is coming with me and I think Seth, Hannah, and Aaron might be too.

Ironically, forming this new group of people to hang out with has made me miss home more than I have yet so far. As much as I like them, and I enjoy being with them, I would rather drag Scott to Shakespeare in the Park and listen to him complain about everything, or make Katy hike the Y with me, or complain with Riley and Karoline about how hot it is here, or go see a movie in the park with Chelsea, or go to Denny's at 1:00 in the morning with Josh, Hillary, and David or whatever. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to bug them a lot when I get back. Well, I'm off to Shakespeare in the Park!

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