Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a start

Here are the 10 ads I mentioned in my previous post

Staying Alive

Yes, yes, I am still alive, even though you wouldn't know it from my lack of posting. School's been in for about 3 weeks now and things are moving right along. Also, it is freezing outside and I mean that quite literally. Tuesday on my walk to class it was -2 degrees. Today we had frozen rain. It was intense. I've never been in temperatures like this before for such an extended period of time, but I think that I'm starting to adjust. The other day I remember thinking that it was "warm" and then finding out that it was something like 12 degrees. I guess though that this is the coldest winter Provo has had in something like 30 years. It's certainly different from last year.

Aside from being chilled to the bone I've been making some awesome ads. And by awesome I mean mediocer, but awesome by my standards. I'm taking 3 ad classes, one is media law/ethics (lots of law, but not as boring as you might think), research methods (a lot more interesting than you might think), and creative concepts. It's the creative concepts class where I get to make mediocre ads. Last Thursday we were told to have 5 ads for scotch tape by Tuesday. Well, I thought it was pretty quick to expect 5 finished ads in a weekend but I finished them all in about two days. I was pretty caught off guard Tuesday then when we were told to have 5 sharpie ads by today. I finished them all in a night though! It's taking some time but I'm getting much better with Photoshop/Gimp.

In my research methods class on Tuesday we played with eye tracking software, and by played I mean didn't touch it because it's really expensive. We did learn about it though and watch how it works. The tech tracked two volunteers, a guy and a girl, to show how  they tend to look at different things and I was the girl guinea pig. Ha, thanks mom for making me volunteer for things!You can be glad to know that your influence has allowed me to add having my eyes tracked to the list of crazy things I've volunteered for, along with: trying on Samurai armor, interviewing Darren Shan, operating mining equipment, and I'm sure other thing I just can't think of.

Advertising classes aside Japanese 102 is kicking my butt as expected and I'm taking bowling as my fun class. I've only had it for one class period though since I was previously taking Intro to Food Science. I had high hopes for that class but after going to it for awhile it felt like it was going to be pretty dull so I dropped it. That was the first time that I'd dropped a class after attending it, it was a little weird.

I've also started working in the ad lab. I'm on the Mormon Messages campaign currently and even though we haven't had to many meetings I think that we've come up with some pretty good ideas and I'm excited to keep working  on it. It'll be I think a good way to get myself more involved with the lab too. 

So yeah, that's what I've been doing. Hopefully I'll keep warm and you'll hear from me again soon. Until then, stay classy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dear World,

I made it to Provo alive, and even though when I got up this morning it was 5 degrees, I didn't freeze to death. I'm trying to go to bed earlier though (like that can happen) so I'll fill you in later. For now just be glad in knowing that I am indeed alive.