Thursday, September 29, 2011

Provo Rain

"Are you alright, colonel?"
"Yeah, I'm fine... except... it's a terrible day for rain."
 "But... what do you mean? It's not raining." 
  "Yes it is."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stars or whatever

This is apparently what happens when a sick, sleep deprived, seventeen year old waits for astronomy to start.  Yeah... I don't really get it either... 
So I realized that I haven't properly updated this blog deal of mine in roughly *looks at pocket watch* 1000 years but by Wednesday all of my assignments, exams, and essays will be done and maybe if I'm lucky I won't be sick anymore. So, I'll try to catch you all up on the big detail then. 
In other new though, I saw this monster in my room the other night. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture, but it was pretty massive. Also it was hairy, which isn't something I've typically observed in spiders back home. Anyway, the point is, it was kind of gross. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Am I the only weird person out there who occasionally looks for and reads anti-something you support/believe in statements and articles even though I find them absolutely agravating?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week one.. again

      I really haven't been in the mood to update lately, but my blog is so out of date it's starting to look like Katy's, so I guess I had better get updating

     Friday nothing particularly remarkable happened. In the morning my dad and I went down to the bus station. I didn't particularly feel like interacting with all of the wonderful individuals that ride the bus so I mostly read a few articles I needed to finish for my American Heritage Class.

    Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning I did find one interesting character however, a 65 year old "Gypsy" from Seattle. She wasn't actually like a full fledged gypsy but she described herself as one and proceeded to tell me all about her life story that lead up to her currently having no house, causing her to live currently in her car which she was returning to in Reno. I got to Provo around 8:00 am I think and proceeded to start to walk to my apartment... 28 blocks away. After I had walked a few, I gave up, called Aaron and asked him to come help me. We ended up meeting at the Provo library, which was block 14, half way. It had taken me about 45 minutes to walk there. Once Aaron got there, he hoisted my huge suitcase above his head and we walked the rest of the 14 blocks in about 20 minutes...... Someday I'll have at least moderate strength.
     After I had checked in I unpacked my dishes and a few more things and then Aaron and I went to go eat at the cannon center, pick up my books, and find where our classes were.  After that we tracked down Autumn but she was on her way to work so we only saw her for a minute. So we ended up going back to my lovely apartment (it's like super decked out, I'll have to take some pictures of it once my roommates put all of the furniture back) and watched part of a movie. About half way through my roommate Alexis showed up with her family and about everything that had once been for sale in Wal Mart. We talked to them for awhile, and they all seemed pretty cool. Alexis' mom looks like Emma Claudfield too.
     While they were all putting stuff away, Aaron and I decided to go to the store since neither of us had any food so we headed off to Buy Low. We stalked up and then rushed home since we had already made plans with Seth to go see Green Lantern at the Dollar Theater. When we got to the theater however the line was incredibly long and by the time we got to the front the show time we had come to see had already started so we got tickets for a later showing, stopped at the creamery where Seth bought a half gallon of ice cream (on the way to the theater he was telling Aaron and I about how it was his only true love) and we went back to my apartment to finish watching the movie that Aaron and I had been watching earlier. When we got back to my apartment however, Alexis' grandma was there...alone... watching t.v. She said that the rest of the family had gone to dinner and she had decided to stay here. The three of us sat in the kitchen somewhat awkwardly eating ice cream while she watched the end of "Failure to Launch". Seth also broke my spoon.
     That went on for a little while but we decided to leave the awkwardness and go to Aaron's apartment to watch the rest of the movie since his complex has a commons area with a t.v. When we go there however there was a bunch of girls singing Disney songs and show tunes. Naturally, we abandoned our movie and joined them. When Autumn got off work she even abandoned her zombie dance party and sang with us too. We sang for some time but then the four of us (Seth, Aaron, Autumn, and I) headed off for the movie. I have to say I liked it pretty well. When we got out of the movie a big storm was just starting and we ended walking home in it which I have to say, was pretty awesome. My bread had ended up at Aaron's apartment and his top ramen was still at mine so he and I stopped by my place and got the ramen, and the went to his place where I got bread. After I had my bread, I went home and went to bed.

     I didn't really do anything all that exciting on Sunday. I went to church, got acquainted with my new ward, and my roommates and I took some pictures afterward. After ward prayer though, some guy named Ben followed us home on a dare. We invited him in for some of the cookies we had left over and he ended up staying for about an hour.

     Monday was the first day of classes and I had Genealogy, Book of Mormon, Astronomy, and Biology. So far they all seem pretty good. After class I went to the book store to pick up a binder and my sports pass. While I was there I ran into Seth and Aaron and we talked for a little while before I went home. That afternoon I went to FHE, where we met our individual groups and played charades. That evening it was stormy again but it didn't end up down pouring like it had on Saturday. Being the foolish young person that I am and having no class on Tuesday until 4:00 I stayed up watching "Definitely Maybe."

     Like I said earlier,Tuesday I didn't have any class until 4:00 and I had stayed up late the night before so I didn't end up doing much all day. The class that I have on Tuesdays and Thursdays in American Heritage. What we ended up doing that day was writing our own syllabus, including learning objectives and some of the assignments. It was kind of interesting. On my way to class, I ran into Aaron at the library. You know, I've noticed the same thing here that I noticed at MP. Even though there are like thousands or people here running around you end up finding people you know around quite often. Tuesday evening after class Aaron and I went to the supposed club fair that happens every Tuesday but there wasn't anything going on so we ended up exploring the library and "fighting" over which was better, Halo or Zelda. We explored the library for an hour or so and then I went home and watched "The Proposal" with my other roommate Karen.

     Wednesday was a pretty typical morning. I went to class, and nothing particularly exciting went on. That evening though Aaron and I broke up. What with not having class until 4:00 again, I ended up staying far too late again talking to Karoline and Austin and watching "Because I Said So."

      Thursday I went to class in the afternoon and checked out the move in sale at the bookstore. Then Autumn and I decided to check out this ink blot study but it took forever and we decided to abandon it and get snow cones and watch the new "Alice in Wonderland" instead.

      Friday was my first day of martial arts class, and that was interesting. We didn't really do much though, just talk about the class and go over the syllabus. It looks like it's going to be intense though. After that class I went to my science classes and then went home. I read my textbook for a while before I went to hang out with Hannah and Autumn. We headed back to campus to go to the carnival that was going on there, but it ended up being majorly disappointing. The one aspect of the fair that they did capture though was the price range. You had to pay money to get in and then if you wanted to do anything else it cost more money. We found Seth and Aaron there, and the five of us left pretty soon after we arrived. We went back to my apartment where we watched "The Prestige."

    Saturday was the first football game of the season, which we won by one point. After the game Autumn and I decided to walk to Borders to check out their closing sales. On the way we discovered the amazing and fantastic strip mall for the elegant and wealthy. Everything there was far to fancy and far to expensive. It was fantastic. They had a toy store there that looked like something I have only seen before in movies. We debated eating there but it was to uppity for our meager budgets so we collected all the amazing treasures we had collected at Borders, took one last look, and headed home. On the way home a lot of potential plans were formulated. Hannah wanted to know if we wanted to do something, and so we decided to meet up at Panda Express but on the way back we decided that we weren't really that hungry so we decided to just meet  back at wyview. On our way back Aaron also inquired of us to see if we wanted to go swimming but we ended up not doing that either. After that the plan became to go see Super 8, but by the time the 5 of us (Seth was with us too) got there, the line was incredibly long and the movie started soon. We actually didn't end up really doing anything. Hannah and Autumn then decided that they were indeed hungry so so we went to some sandwich shop type deal where they got something to eat. After that we went to Blockbuster, looked at the movies for awhile, and then went home.

     Sunday was a pretty typical day. I went to church, did my religion homework, and my roommates and I made Chicken Alfredo for dinner. The one abnormality however was that I think my roommates got drunk or whiffed some drugs or something. The guy that followed us home last Sunday came over again, somewhat randomly and we read "All of my Friends Are Dead." Up until that point everything was fine, but after that... I don't exactly know what went on. My roommates kept yelling and howling, and laughing at absolutely nothing.  Two also apparently became the funniest number to ever grace the Earth. After about forty minutes, it transitioned from funny to amusing to awkward to just annoying.Eventually I just left them and Ben (poor guy, I don't know why he didn't just leave) in their state of mental impairedness or whatever it was. I escaped to Autumn's and we walked down to Blockbuster so she could return the movies she had gotten the other night. Well, there was no way I was going back to deal with my intoxicated associates and their friend (Alexis' friend came over later) that night, so I stayed the night at Autumn's.

     Early Monday morning, while I was at Autumn's apartment, we decided to watch a million movies. We only ended up watching "Room 1408" and "500 days of Summer" though before we went to bed. Later that morning I had a magnificent breakfast of bacon, eggs, french toast and a smoothie before going home to work on some homework. After the homework was done I went back over to Autumn's where I watched the end of "The Fountain", possibly on of the strangest movies I've ever seen, and "Drag me to Hell". Later that evening we played Ultimate Frisbee with a group of kids, took the rest of the movies back to Blockbuster, got ice cream to celebrate Labor Day, and then finally watched "Super 8 with Seth and Aaron. Some crazy people might disagree with this but Super 8 is pretty much "E.T." meets "How to Train Your Dragon". I got home and was ready to go to bed but there were a million people at my apartment who were apparently getting ready to have a dance party. Not particularly being in the mood to participate, I wandered around Wyview for about a half an hour until they all went away.

     Tuesday I didn't do a whole lot. Went to my liberal American Heritage class, ran down to Buy Low to save Aaron who had forgotten to take a backpack to the store with him, and went to a cookie party at Hannah's friend's house. It was an interesting party. It didn't last too long, maybe an hour or so, and a bunch of random people from the area were there. I guess Hannah's friend had just gone knocking on anyone and everyone's door seeing if they wanted to come. That's about all the adventures I had that day. After the party I just went home and did homework.

     Today there was a club fair type deal on campus, which was interesting. I got few free things including an amazing pen that I really like writing with. Maybe that'll motivate me to finally write the letters I've been meaning to write.

   So, that's everything I've been up to since I left. Not really that much, and yet I still managed to write about 10 pages about it. I'll try to update more often so that doesn't happen. That or stop leading such a darn fascinating life.No guarantees on that though.