Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Semester in Review, Kind of

 Well hey there friends. Guess we relearned the lesson that really we already knew. When it isn't a mandatory class assignment I just plain old suck at blogging. But, I think I might have something that can maybe make up for my horrible shortcomings this semester. While I didn't blog, I did do something semi similarish. At the start of the semester I made a paper chain for each school day. On one side I wrote an inspirational quote and on the other side at the end of the day I wrote something good that happened that day. Then as I was packing up my stuff to move I looked at them and wrote them all down here. Some days not much happened and I kind of had to stretch. Other days a lot of stuff happened. Anyway, here you go. I semester in very brief review. 

1/7 Got a ride home from the grocery store from a generous stranger 
1/8 Found my lost mp3 player
 1/9 Drove Julie's car home without dying
1/11Started scrapbook plans
1/14 Wrote Seth and Aaron 
1/15 Got ice cream with my roommates
1/16 Dropped Food Sci and added bowling 
1/17 Found out I've got the skills for a few real jobs
1/18 Got to hang out with Autumn before she left
1/21 Made some awesome scotch tape ads (my first of the kind) 
1/22 Came up with 50 sharpie ideas quicker than the last assignment
1/23 First day of bowling
1/24 Got offered an interview for a real job
1/26 Bought groceries to make real food! 
1/28 Got a 4 in Japanese 
1/29 First day of dinner group
1/30 Met some cool kids with serious friend potential
1/31 Had a theological conversation with Riley and discovered some awesome hot chocolate

2/1 Chinese food with Amy
2/4 Finally got an idea for Tabasco 
2/5 Prof. Cutri liked my idea (a small miracle)
2/6 Found prospective housing. Went to the temple
2/7 Letter from Aaron arrived at home.
2/8 Made an amazing German Chocolate Cake from scratch 
2/11 Had to stay up far to late but was able to get everything done
2/12 Class was late but... so was I
2/13 Got a new bowling score. The ID checker at the gym knew me by name.  
2/14 Barrett and I's idea got pitched to the client
2/15 Got asked out by Shane. Grant was alright.
2/18 Made sense of Aaron's crazy letter  
2/19 Awesome conversation with Riley (what did we talk about? I don't remember, ha ha)
2/20 Got ring checked 
2/21 Got to drive the Zamboni and didn't have to mop by hand at work anymore
2/22 Japanese Party!  
2/25 New bowling high score. Sold my contract!
2/26 Got an interview with the psych department
2/27 Rocked my oral exam
2/28 First letters from Riley this year arrived 

 3/1 Made sushi
3/4 Got a letter from Seth
3/5 Only had to look up a few words in Seth's letter
3/6 Got a package from home! 
3/7 Found an amazing group for the 24/1 project
3/8 Night at the HFAC and presentation of the 24/1. Came in 3rd place.
3/11 New bowling high score and had fun with Andrew
3/12 Finished my homework early, went to bed at a decent hour! 
3/13 Hung out with David and Morgan at The Wall
3/14 Pi day party in Brigham Square
3/15 Bonfire with the McKenzie gang 
3/18 Played Frisbee and football at the park
3/19 Two letters from Riley. The first since he's been gone 
3/20 New bowling high score, got a turkey, and saw Brother Coon in the Wilk
3/21 Watched To Kill A Mockingbird in the library 
3/25 Got a new high score in bowling and a turkey. My elbow stopped hurting so I started going back to the gym
3/26 Had fun with Fiat ideas. Got to see Kim
3/27 Stacey saved me at the store. New bowling high score. 
3/28 SPSS fun with Barrett and Fenton. The apartment painting was finally done!
3/29 Got off work early

4/1 Got to enjoy a hardcore rain storm
4/2 Went to a party with Sarah
4/3 Pie with Bad *
4/4 Went to Jon's concert
4/5 Met Jacob and went to a Lacross game and Les Miserables with him and company 
4/8 Last day of Media Law
4/9 The snow melted!
4/10 Eggcelent (yes it was about eggs) brainstorming with Fiat team. Got asked out by Jacob.
4/11 SRA client presentation and fun while waiting for it with Barrett
4/12 KTA initiation and the half show. Our project took 3rd place. 
4/15 Finished Media Law final. Last Japanese CC's.
4/16 Last day of classes 
4/17 Hung out in SLC with Jon. "Conqured" Shamballa.
4/18 Talked about conspiracies with Quin 
4/19 Found a place to store my stuff for the summer 
4/22 Took my last final
4/23 Last day of work
4/24 Last official day of the semester and celebrated with and cereal party with David and company
4/25 Went home