Saturday, July 2, 2011

Eventful afternoon

Well I had an interesting afternoon the other day.

On my way home from school a found myself behind an engaged couple who are in my ward here in Provo. Strangely enough, this put me in a rather awkward position. In case you're unaware, engaged couples are... well to say the least they are dripping with sappy romance, all the time. So to spend any extended amount time with them together, no matter how great of people they may be, can get somewhat uncomfortable.

In this situation I found myself in the other day, I was walking home alone, at what I would consider an average speed. As I looked up, I saw the couple ahead of me, slowly strolling along. Here is where the dilemma began. If I continued at my current, average walking speed, I would soon approach them. I couldn't just walk right past them, I did know them after all, at least a little, and so that would be rude. I couldn't go talk to them both since they were clearly engaging in some kind of painfully slow romantic stroll and I assume wanted to be left alone. And as I mentioned earlier, extended time with an engaged couple can get very awkward very fast, and we were about a mile away from the area where we all lived.

I didn't want to walk close behind them, because that would just be creepy and so sadly I was left with no other option but to put a reasonable distance between myself and the couple, while still staying behind them. Unfortunately though, this meant though that I had to walk even slower than they were.

Needless to say, it took us forever to get anywhere and all of my planning was for naught anyway, as we caught up to each other waiting for the cross walk. Thankfully though, I also ran into someone else I knew there and we were able to speed past the engaged couple while having a pleasant conversation involving ice cream, cousins, and the Children of Israel.  

As I approached my apartment, I was reflecting on how I thankfully been able to get out of walking slower than a grandmother snail, and that I couldn't wait to get out of the 95 degree heat and into the arctic tundra of my air conditioned apartment (I think my roommate and my sister are both part polar bear, they always like to keep everything so cold!) when I remember that I had left my key in my scripture bag on my desk, inside my apartment.

Thus commenced the breaking in to my own home. It actually wasn't a break in so much as me shamelessly going to my roommate’s window and knocking on it asking her to let me in. 

so, yeah, an interesting afternoon. On a more positive note, fiver's bunny tails are starting to sprout. They look pretty cool. 


  1. How weird is it to say you have an apartment now.

  2. Actually not that weird, you get used to it pretty quickly.