Monday, July 18, 2011


Apparently my clingy stalkers are growing antsy and demand a new update, so here you all go. My last update was on Saturday a week ago? Well I went to "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and I though it was amazing. I hadn't  seen it before but I really liked it.

Sunday was a pretty normal day, I went to Church and what not. Monday was 7-11 so I went with Aaron to  7-11 to get a free Slurpee, and that night we watched a horrific movie. I think it was called Battlefield L.A.? Something like that. If you enjoy movies avoid it. I was so disappointed in Aaron Eckheart for being in such a terrible movie. After the movie we explored the complex at night and got soaking wet from all of the sprinklers that were going off.

Tuesday I went to class and had a pretty much normal day. When I got home Autumn and Hannah and I went out to get ice cream since they owed it to me. That night Aaron came over and we made rice balls for dinner. The chicken I was cooking for it though took forever so while we were waiting we watched the rest of the Princess Bride, played cards, played ninja, walked around, and went to the store.

Wednesday we had our monthly cleaning check here so I spent most of the day when I wasn't in class cleaning up our apartment. That night Autumn's friend came over and she, Hannah, Autumn, and I went to get  ice cream since this time I owed it to them. That night the four of us also watched Star Dust.

Thursday was a pretty normal day too. That night Aaron and I went out to explore BYU at night. We tried to get to the top of the Kimball tower but it was locked. We also looked around the science building and a few other place. After we were done exploring we went back to his apartment and I introduced him to Harper's Island. That is such a great show!

Friday I didn't have any class but I spent the day studying. That night I went over to Aaron's for dinner and we, along with Hannah and Seth went to see Harry Potter. It took forever to walk there and we got there kind of early so we ended up spending some time at the Deseret Book store. I picked up the Mormon version of Pride and Prejudice for Autumn and I also got an awesome thing of awesome which I intend to send to Riley for his birthday. I thought the movie was good but there were some inconsistencies I didn't really like and there is no way it could stand on it's own as a movie. After the movie we walked home and watched the first half of Sherlock Holmes by Mimi. Oh! That reminds me, I totally found Mimi here. I'll have to take a picture of her for you guys.

Saturday I again spent the day studying and that night Autumn, Hannah, Seth, Aaron, and I went to a masquerade they were having here. The dance went from 7:00- 11:00 but we only stayed until a little after 9:00. After we went home we watched and episode of Harper's Island while I ate all of the carrots he had in his apartment. After one episode though we had to give James back his laptop, which is the one that had Netflix on it, so we decided to watch the rest of Sherlock Holmes.

Sunday was a pretty regular day too. Church, more church, and more church... After church Seth, Aaron, James, and Hannah came over to Autumn and my apartment for tacos and we played scattagories. Then we went to church again. Sooooo much church on Sundays.... After all the church I went home and wrote a paper and later that night Aaron and I became facebook official.

Today I went to class, and that's about it. We have FHE tonight, which should be fun. We're going to play kickball and I'm still looking for someone to give the lesson. Aside from that though I'll probably just spend the rest of the day studying. Oh, I also got in the mail today the soundtrack from the Scarlet Pimpernel, which I ordered a few days ago. Also, I've also been writing post cards but I don't have anyone's address. So send my your address and you might get something in the mail.

Well, that's about it. Hopefully this puts off your antsiness for a while. I'll try to maybe be more consistent with my updates. At least I'm not as bad as Hillary =P        


  1. Hey, I totally updated before yesterday! Or maybe the day before that!

  2. but you failed all of your challenges.

  3. by all definitions hillary is a failure.