Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This week has been quite exciting.

Well friends! This week has been quite exciting. Hopefully I have time to fill you in on all of the details. On Tuesday we had a freak hail storm and was the crazies thing I have ever seen. Seriously, the hail was like the size of moth balls I was honestly a little bit worried that our windows were going to break! And of course since El Paso doesn't believe in drains the streets flooded! So that was exciting!
This week our car also decided to become good and broken. Tuesday night, while we were trying to not die from killer hail our car started acting possessed. The radio would randomly turn on and then turn off and then change channels. The steering wheel would randomly lock up and lights kept turning off and on. Well, weird but not all that dangerous right? So, we figured we'd just chalk it up to the psycho weather and see if anything was actually wrong in the morning. Well... it was. Our car just straight up wouldn't start the next day and, to make things even more exciting. The key got stuck in the ignition. Apparently when your car is super dead, it eats your key, because that's smart.... Anyway, to make a long story short we got it jumped and made an appointment with the dealership to get it fixed but it wasn't until today. So we got to spend all week with a psycho car that randomly stops working. I think we jumped it about 7 times this week. Thankfully, it always died at good spots like at the church or the apartment. So at least our car has a little bit of compassion on us. The most frustrating on though was yesterday when we were trying to go over to the institute to meet our ride to go to the temple (more on the temple trip later) and for the life of us it was not having it. But what can you expect? The worst always seems to happen on your way to the temple right?
Ready for the next adventure? On Wednesday we thought it might be a good idea to go out to Chaparral which I think I've told you about. If you've ever been to Fallon, NV that's a lot what it's like, except full of trailer parks. Ha, ok sorry that's mean to Fallon. Chaparrel is pretty bad though. Coyotes and dirt and apparently hidden mud pits. You’ll never guess how we found out about the mud pits... So, Sister Baker and Sister Orseth are driving down the "road" (a loosly used term in Chappy) when suddenly, the car just stops. Thankfully it didn't die but, it was stuck. So, I got to experience pushing a car out of the mud in a skirt. At least for a few minutes, until I remember that I had service clothes in the trunk! Thankfully, we were rescued by a kind guy with a truck who showed up about 30 seconds after we prayed for some help. Ha, oh after he helped us though I had to back Sister Orseth (she was driving since I was all muddy) all the way down the dirt road so we could get out of there. After about three minutes of wading through a sea of goat heads though I decided there was just a better way to do things so I just sat on the back of the car and directed her that way. So, what do we learn from this? 1) Chappy is the worst 2) keep emergency service clothes with you at all times 3) Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers, even when our need for help is caused by our own idiocy.
  I wish that was all that happened this week but... nope. Remember how Molly was going to get baptized? Well... she didn't. Through various circumstances her interview was scheduled three times this week and each time canceled about 20 minutes before it was supposed to happen. Then Saturday night her mom tells us that she can't get baptized tomorrow because they have to take her brother to the hospital. So thankfully it wasn't postponed because of any kind of worthiness issue and we should be able to reschedule it soon!
Don't worry, the rest of the things that happened this week were good. One of them was that we had a lesson with stubborn old Charles. He likes to listen to us because we are "too young to know real life" and he doesn't like to "formally pray" which means anything other than having a prayer in your heart. This week though, he really opened up to us, and he told us that he prayed "formally" on his own. We talked to him a lot about his relationship with God and watched "Hope of God's Light" with him. And, even though he tried to hide it, I saw him tearing up. Charles still thinks were too young to know life but, he's really starting to come around.
We were also about to see our investigator Judi this week who we hadn't seen in ages. She has really been struggling because the rest of her family is against her being involved in the church. This week though she told us that she tried again to share the Book of Mormon with her husband and they read Alma 32 together. They also started praying together and her son who claims to be a hard core atheist even prayed at one of their meals. She asked her husband if he wanted to meet with the missionaries and he said not yet but still, that is huge! Hopefully this will mean big progress for both of them.
The last exciting thing that we did this week was go to the temple up in Albuquerque. We were able to ride up with the Edwards, the senior couple from the UTEP ward who are amazing! I think one of my life goals is to acquire their awesome qualities one day. We also went up with the West UTEP sisters. We ended up getting to the temple at the perfect time for us to be able to see everyone. Literally I think I saw every missionary that I wanted to. It was really cool. And everyone was running around like crazing trying to do different things, going in or coming out or getting this or that or whatever but every place you looked, there was someone that you knew and someone that you wanted to see and most of the time, it was someone that you weren't expecting to see too. When we walked into the dressing room I went through the doors and was immediate face to face with three of my past companions. It was like they were all just waiting for me to get there or something. Anyway, I don't know what it will be like after this life, or what exactly we will be doing but I kind of imagine that it will be a lot like that. A long trip (it's 4 hours from El Paso to Albuquerque) and people all in different stages and activities, but everyone you want to see, and most often when you don't expect it. I don't know, I guess we'll just have to see.
Oh, one more thing that happened this week, we were "volunteered" into a Christmas concert! So we sang some Christmas music at a practice, so that was fun.
Anyway, hope you all are doing well!


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