Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Quick Note

Friends! Sorry but I only have about 5 minutes! I know I am the worst prioritizer ever. I promise that next Monday I will write this e-mail first! So, next week is transfers! So everyone start your transfer predictions.
As far as excitement this week goes, we didn't really do much, other than get caught in a flash flood. But, that's sadly pretty typical for El Paso. We picked up an awesome new investigator this week named Chris. He has a member friend who lives in Anthony and another friend who he used to work with in the oil field. He's super smart though and really has a good understanding of the things that we are teaching him. He even went to church on Sunday in Anthony! Which is impressive because it's kind of far away and it's a Spanish branch. So hopefully this Sunday he'll come to our English ward =D
Other than that things are about the same. Sorry again to be so short! But know that I love all of your faces and so does Heavenly Father! Something I did this week was learn a new perspective of the atonement. I don't have time to share it but I'd challenge you to take time to find a new perspective for yourself! There are a lot of them!
Hope you have a good week!


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