Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Swan Princess

I watched The Swan Princess the other day and now I have all of the music stuck in my head, particularly Far Longer Than Forever. Every time I watch that movie I can't help but notice the blatant LDS themes and be surprised that no one else seems to. Well, other members do but I've never heard anyone else say "Hey, this movie seems kind of Mormony to me." or some other comment along those lines like I've hear said of  other media. Which is just strange to me since it seems like you couldn't watch the movie without thinking something like that. I mean, the final scene goes something like this.

Odette: Derek, will you love me until the day I die?
Derek: Oh no Odette, much longer than than. (aka eternal marriage...)

And then it zooms out to them standing in front of a temple. Ok, so I think that it's technically supposed to be the castle but it looks like a temple to me. 

Anyone else seeing the resemblance here? 
Now don't get me wrong, I don't mean to hate on The Swan Princess or it's themes. I actually think that it's kind of cool, I just think it's interesting that I've never heard anyone else comment on it is all. And maybe I'm just making it up. Maybe I know that Richard Rich also directed the Living Scriptures videos (several of which were written by Orson Scott Card by the way, which I thought was interesting) and one of the voice actors in The Swan Princess is also in a lot of the Living Scriptures videos which makes me think of those. And hey, who doesn't want to live and love forever so why not sing about it. And you know when I think about it temples do kind of look like castles. But, maybe not. Who knows really. All I know is that whenever I watch it I can't help seeing something and thinking to myself "Way to go Richard Rich, I see what you did there."

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