Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missionary Moment

Oh, I just realized that I never talked about what I did last Sunday. So last Sunday was the first Sunday of the month so it was the First Presidency Broadcast. My bishiop's wife's dad is the mission leader for the Temple Square mission and he really wanted to let the sister missionaries go to the broadcast but he needed someone to replace them. So right after church we went up to Salt Lake and for about three hours we took the place of the missionaries.

It was pretty cool. The sisters left, they gave us name tags and sent us off. Some people had special assignments like to greet people when they come in or play movies or whatnot. My roommate and her boyfriend and a few of their friends even got to work at the Christus. I've only see the presentation there once like forever ago but I remember it being pretty cool. The rest of us just walked around in groups of two and talked to people.

Behold the Christus. Isn't it awesome? 
I learned that I have a long way to go if I ever plan on being a missionary. It was kind of hard to find the happy medium between approaching someone in a friendly way and accosting them as they were walking somewhere. I mean everyone is moving around and I don't want to just stop you or interrupt you from getting where you're going but at the same time, I don't want to just stand there like a total shmoe not doing anything. Also, you're at Temple Square, so it's not like you're not a least a little bit interested in what's going on. It was kind of interesting to me to see the people who had all been on missions contacting people like it was the easiest thing the world where the people that hadn't were more like me and a little more awkward about it.

Mostly I wandered around the Square saying hi to people and asking them how they were doing and looking at all of the lights, which were pretty awesome by the way. If you remember I went last year to look at the lights too but it seems like there were a lot more this year. Maybe we just weren't there early enough since they didn't all turn on until about 7, I don't know.

We did have one guy come up to us and ask us a question about the baptismal font that I totally knew the answer to but ... he only spoke a couple words of English so he didn't understand when we tried to explain it to him. Anyway, it was a pretty cool thing. I feel like the Temple Square mission would actually be pretty fun.  It was a good experience and I had fun.

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