Saturday, December 1, 2012

Marvelous Misadventures

Guys, it's December! Merry Christmas!!!! By the way, I'm kind of excited for Christmas. I know that technically it's already been the Christmas season, but now it's December so it feels official. So I know that I was  bemoaning not having stuff to talk about but I actually have a tale to tell today.

So, I had a date tonight. A friend of mine from my Japanese class was also coming by to bring me a pepper plant. As I was typing that I realize that it sounds kind of weird, but he had a bunch extras and was giving them away and I figured, why not. Anyway, my friend with the pepper plant came by and my roommates thought that he was my date. So of course they started acting all weird around him, telling him to come in and sit down while I was putting on my shoes to go out and get the plant. As we walked out they cooed "Have a great time!" Since I was only going to get a plant though I was back in a couple minutes, much to their confusion.

About a half hour later my real date showed up and we headed off. The plan was to get a movie from the library, drive up to a park in the canyon and watch it on my computer. So basically, spend 2 hours outside, up in the canyon, in December. And what's worse is that this was my dumb idea.

Anyway, we head up to the library and look at the movies. We wanted to watch Battlestar Galactic (yes, I actually did want to watch it too) but they didn't have it in so we ended up going with Star Wars, which I had on my computer. I think this might have been the dorkiest paragraph I've ever written.

With our movie selected we headed out to the car to drive up to the canyon. I had printed out directions on how to get there but in the rush to leave before my roommates could start being super awkward again I forgot to grab them. We figured though that it couldn't be that hard to find. After all, it was just off of the main canyon road so we should be able to just drive up the road and look for signs right?

Well, when we found ourselves a half hour later in the tiny and elusive canyon town of Wallsburg (whose graveyard is infested with deer by the way) we decided to give up and and just look for Big Foot. To those that don't know, there was recently a Big Foot sighting in the canyon so it wasn't totally a random idea. On our pursuit to find the park/Big Foot we also drove by the Deer Creek State Park, Sundance, a cave in Mt. Timpanogas, and a lot of private property.

After and hour and a half we gave up on both Big Foot and the park and decided to just head back to Provo. And sure enough on our way back, there was a sign for the park! So we pulled in and headed out. Once we trekked past all of the kids singing pop songs falsetto, we found a free spot. For most of the movie it wasn't too cold but we probably should have opted to watch The Empire Strikes back rather than A New Hope because towards the end of the movie the wind started blowing and we might as well have been on Hoth.

Once the death star had been destroyed, everyone had received their medals and hope was restored once again to the rebel alliance we hightailed it to the car only to discover that he had lost his keys! After a short search we found them and headed back to Provo. So, how long did it take for us to get from the actual park back to Provo you ask? About 10 minutes.

So all in all it was quite the adventure, and pretty fun! And we've also learned two very important lessons. First, Big Foot is not actually in Provo Canyon, sorry. Second, never trust me to give you directions anywhere.

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