Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today it's all about hospitality. I'm just really grateful that I have a family that was willing to take me in for Thanksgiving, even after I'd been here before and they knew how crazy I could be! When we got here last night Autumn's little sister Amara had cleaned out her room and insisted that we take it and left for us on the beds a chalkboard with our names, a note and a set of scriptures. It was just the nicest thing ever. Today we got up and went into Twin Falls with Autumn's mom who works there and we spent the day wandering around the town. Idaho might be a frigid bramble, but all of my experiences there so far (all three) have been very kind and caring.

This evening we went to Autumn's grandma's house for dinner and a few of her cousins and their kids were also there. We played scrabble and talked and played with the little kids for a while and it was nice to be around a family. Granted it was a family that I hardly knew anyone in but it was very inviting. So I'd like to give a shout out and be thankful today for that and for hospitality in general.

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