Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! Obviously today I have to be thankful for that. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm glad for hospitality and especially the hospitality that I've received here and really when it comes to Thanksgiving what it makes me think of and what it makes me most thankful for is families.

I'm so thankful for the family that I have. I know I don't always show it or act like it, but they really mean a lot to me. Thanksgiving is one of the busies times at the jail I've heard because families get together, get drunk and have at it. I'm glad I've never had to and hopefully never will have to worry about something like that. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving and that it gives us a chance to reflect and to think about our lives and how truly blessed we really are. I'm also Thankful that it hasn't suffered from commercialization really like many holidays. I guess a little in the promotion of food, but in general I think that it's hard to lose the true spirit of Thanksgiving and forget what the holiday is really about. 

So here's to Thanksgiving! Now get off the internet and go spend time with your family. In my family, we have a tradition of sitting around in a circle and listing three things that we're thankful for. Since I can't be there to do that than I guess I'll do it here, even though by now I'm sure you're all pretty tired of me telling you that. 

1) Being in an area with internet access and cell phone reception and that these things even exist! I'm lacking both out here which is why you won't get to see this post for awhile. These are both things that I don't even think about not having but when I don't it's a big inconvenience! 
2) I know I already mentioned it but family. Both my own family and just the consept of families themselves. They really are wonderful things. I love the definition that I learned way back in middle school health class. The family is the basic unit of society. I really hope that always stays true. Also, my knowledge of eternal families. It really just helps to put things into perspective and makes me want to be better so I can be with and love my family forever.  
3) Beds. I don't know who invented beds but they are awesome. They lull you to sleep when you're exhausted and they're comfortable to read on or work on or whatever. Also, I don't know why but one of the greatest feelings ever is to come back home after a ways away and to fall asleep in your own bed. Whenever I get to go home I love sleeping in my bed. The bed at my apartment is actually to short for me, but hey, it's still great. 

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