Monday, November 26, 2012

Modern Day

I'm back in Provo which means that regular internet connection has returned! That's also why if you've noticed there have been burst of posts. It was due to lack of internet. But now all should be right with the world.

I'm thankful today for modern technology. I know I kind of talked about this when I said that I was grateful for reception and internet and stuff but today I just generally mean technology and also that people are still innovative, still curious, and still always trying to improve and be better. I can't remember when but some time in the beginning of the 20th century or something the US patent office said that all of the things that would be invented had been. Right..... I'd like to show those people modern day.  So I guess what I'm saying is that what I'm really thankful for is the spirit of innovation and the "anything you want to, do it." type of attitude. I know that often I can get really frustrated when things don't go well or when there isn't something I want or need around, but necessity breeds ingenuity and I'm glad of that and I'm glad that humankind has embraced that and despite setbacks continues to push on.

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