Thursday, October 4, 2012

You've had a birthday (Shout Hooray!)

Guys! It's my birthday! And let me tell you, it was wonderful. This morning, (in the very technical sense of the word, it was about 12:30) I opened a package from my family that had gotten here earlier this week. It had all the iconic birthday stuff like cake mix, frosting, cups, plates, party hats, etc. as well as some awesome candy and a digital picture frame which I can't wait to set up somewhere in my room. The rest of the morning, I went to class, pretty regular, and during a break I got some ice cream at the wilk with my roommate Kim. Then I went to my last class of the day. I think everyone who wanted to contact me did so during that class. My phone must have gone off at least 5 times before I finally sent it to silent, which apparently on my phone is actually just code for vibrate.

After class I made my way over to the gym. I went on the elliptical machine deal for an hour and ended up going 5.6 miles. I feel like that's kind of decent right? Honestly, I don't know. After that I crawled back to my apartment, had some food (my dear roommates had made me muffins for breakfast/lunch) did a very small amount of homework and then went over to Autumn, Sarah, and Brittni's apartment for a dinner of fish and chips and banana cream pie.  Later this evening I had a little shindig with my roommates and some of our neighbors with cake and ice cream.

It really has been a great day and I'm kind of excited for 19. I really feel like it's going to be a good year (although right now it just kind of feels like a tired one). Well, it's far too late and there is still homework to be done. Thanks again for everyone who celebrated with me.

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