Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday!

So, I realize that blogger is telling you that I'm posting this on Saturday but, that's only because it's after midnight. I haven't gone to bed yet so I figure I can still post as Friday. I went to class today, which was pretty good. Japanese was hilarious, and we watched part of The Big Bang Theory in English. After class I spent a while in the library doing D&C homework and finishing my portrait. It's pretty good I think, but still in draft form. Once it's done I'll probably post it on here or something. After my homework I went and got my hair cut, it had been 7 months so, I figured it was probably time to cut it. There was a game later that night that I went to and then I went home and made chicken squares too.

The game was against Utah State and it was awesome! My favorite games are the ones that we play against them. I think they should be our rivals over University of Utah since we're much more evenly matched with them. Last year we won the game in the last few seconds. This year the games wasn't as intense but it was still close!

Wednesday I also watched the debates, which I thought were pretty interesting. Romney did really well I though. I'll be interested in seeing how the rest of them pan out.

Well, conference this weekend, hope you all enjoy it!

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