Saturday, October 6, 2012

To Serve Or Not To Serve.

That is that question...

For any of you that didn't know, the age for missionaries to serve has just been lowered from 19 for guys and 21 for girls to 18 for guys who have graduated and 19 for girls. That's right, 19, my age! For a while now, especially when I was serving as a ward missionary over the summer, people would ask me if I was going to go on a mission and my answer was always something along the lines of "Eh, I don't know, it's still years away." and it was true. I mean, why at 18 make a choice about something you can't even do until you're 21, who knows what you'll be doing in your life then. I always figured that I would just decide when I got to that age but... now that age is now! So, I guess that means that I have to decide.

Obviously I wouldn't leave until the end of the year, and I imagine I'd have to work to save money, so I probably if I decided to go wouldn't leave until I was 20, but still! The fact that I could theoretically start on my papers at any time is crazy! In fact, I know a lot of girls who already have! Pretty much everywhere around here is out of Preach My Gospel books and executive secretaries are being flooded with mission interview requests. I can only imagine what school will be like next year. For the next two years at least, the male freshmen population is pretty much going to be non-existent.

Regardless of whether I decide to go or not, I'm really excited about it! I think that it will give future missionaries a lot more opportunities and I think a lot more girls will end up serving now that they don't have to wait so long.It's also just a really exciting thing to be a part of! Even if I don't do anything directly as a result of it.

So, as I asked earlier, to serve, or not to serve. I guess only time, reflection, fasting, and a butt load of prayer will tell.

In other, absolutely unrelated news, I today I also walked 9 miles, rode in a hot air balloon, and dyed my hair auburn.

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