Monday, October 15, 2012

Year Two a Quarter Way Through

Well, this weeks marks the middle of the semester. Last Friday I took my Japanese midterm (let me just say that I hate oral tests) and this week I'm taking a final in my Fundamental Lit Interpretations class. It's crazy to think that the semester is already just about half over but I guess it has been 8 weeks. That means that the school year is almost over too. Oh, that means that the world is about to end soon. I can't believe that December 21st is a Friday night too. It's going to be scary that night with all of the partying going on.

So what did I do this weekend? Well Friday after I was feeling better I wrote some letters, went and got pizza, and watched Swing Kids and an old Alfred Hitchcock movie called Shadow of a Doubt. I hadn't seen the Hitchcock movie before, the end was a little weird but over all it was pretty good.

Saturday I went to the game against OSU, which was pretty disappointing I have to say. Afterwards my aunt and uncle and some of my cousins were in town and we went to eat at Legends Grill. It was fun to see them and I also got some "bread" that my cousin made at my house. I say "bread" not because it's bad, it's actually really good, but because it's bread in the same sense that Pistachio bread is bread, which is pretty much not at all.

Nothing particularly exciting has happened yet today but I did run 6.3 miles in an hour at the gym, which is progress for me.  

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