Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Day

I think that it's the perfect weather today. Crisp, windy,  and it just started raining. Ok, so I don't need it to be raining per say but fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the cool, crisp, slightly dark, fall weather. I love walking around in a jacket with the leaves whipping around me. My second favorite weather is storms, wind and rain storms, which seem to be prevalent in the fall too. Mostly I just like it to be windy I guess.

 Ok, now the weather just got weird. It's incredibly sunny and windy, the rain is coming down almost horizontally. I think I kind of want to go out in this. I was going to talk to you guys today about poetry again but, if I know Provo, this crazy storm won't last much longer. I figure it's been about 8 minutes so sorry, but I'm leaving you all. Here, have this clip from Avatar the Last Air Bender which storms always remind me of now ever since Grant and I ran out in one late at night in one and started yelling like this.

Well, I can find it so here, watch this instead.

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