Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today we did group reviews in my composing personal history class. I always find it interesting what people have to say and I actually did find today helpful. My favorite critiquing, review things, whatever you want to call them were the ones that I did in my screenwriting class. I love it when they would read my scripts because they were all totally meant to be taken at boring old face value but the class would always try to find some hidden illusions or secret meanings or something crazy like that. It was kind of like listening to conspiracy theories but it was about stuff that I had written. Apparently with my writing today though I need to deromneyify it because it comes off as too cold shoulder and not personal enough. I think that my 150 prof was trying to tell me that last year when she said that me that I wrote "too well". That's such a weird thing to say though, that it's "too good".

I haven't really done anything else exciting today. I watched some parks and rec and I actually got some work done during my ginormous 3 hour break between classes. Crazy right?

So no big plans for the upcoming weekend. Tomorrow night I think I'm going to one of the classic movies the library is putting on and then Saturday I'm going to a dance performance.

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