Saturday, September 15, 2012

Last Friday Night

So, I spaced out yesterday and forgot to write so you get to hear from me today. I spent the high majority of yesterday paper quilling, which if you don’t know, is when you take strips of paper and wrap them up into shapes. It can look kind of cool. The only problem with it though is that it takes forever! I also played bigger or better with Sarah and Autumn. If you remember me talking about the time I played with Karen last year, than you know that I know how this game is best played.

We started off the game with a mechanical pencil and ended with some kind of Cortozone 10 type of skin irritation lotion. We decided to stick with that because Sarah actually needed it. So we kept it and went back to the apartment to find something else. So we got an old Christmas ornament that was left by their old roommate and we ended up with a computer monitor. Yep, some guy gave us a computer monitor. It was a pretty newish one too. What on earth we would do with that, I have no idea, but hey, who knows right? So we kept the monitor and went back to the apartment and got a can of tomato paste (why anyone would want tomato paste anyway is beyond me) and ended up with a frying pan. Yeah, people are willing to give up some weird stuff, but whatever. After that we made no bake cookies with some random stuff that was around. Sarah had the awesome idea to put the no bakes before they had set up over bananas. I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out pretty awesome.

I don’t really have a whole lot of plans for today, aside from doing homework, but tonight I am going to a dance performance called Evidance. I have to go and write a paper on it for my dance class, but I think that I’ll be pretty good, so I’m kind of interested in going.

I also discovered today the best way to get rid of extra change. You just take all of your left over nickels and dimes and put them in the vending machine. Then you push the button to get your money back (or buy something if you want I guess) and you get quarters back that you can use for laundry. It’s a good way to get laundry money too since I don’t know where a change machine is around here. I’m kind of surprised that they aren’t around more, I mean everyone needs quarters.
So, have a good weekend and do something awesome. 

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