Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts on Blood (and other things)

What to write about today?  I don't have a specific rant planned. I went to a health and wellness fair this afternoon where I had a spinach smoothy and then I went home later and actually made one. It was actually alright. Especially considering that there was spinach in it. I don't dislike spinach, but it just seems like a weird thing to put in a smoothy. They also had a blood testing booth so I had my blood tested. I already knew that I was B+ but I wanted to watch them do it to see what it actually looked like. It was kind of cool. Speaking of blood, some of my friends have started giving plasma to pick up a little extra cash and I guess sometimes it can be green? That's kind of crazy.

Oh, and another question. So a lot of your blood is blue but turns red when exposed to oxygen right? So why is it that when you give blood it's red? It hasn't been exposed to oxygen since leaving your body right? Is it because it still contains blood from when you inhaled? How crazy would that be if you gave blood and it came out blue? One time I burned my arm right across one of my veins and the burn turned purple, I assume because of the blue and red blood mixing together. Is that why bruises can be purple and blue too? After all, bruises are just broken blood vessels right?

Today I also went to a debate about the economy with the college republican and college debate teams. I'm trying to become more informed about the different issues. I'm pretty sure Hannah, Seth, and Aaron would all be pretty aghast if they knew how unknowledgeable about everything I still am but I'm working on it... some. The debate was sort of interesting. The problem I had with some of it was that they would start arguing about something that I didn't know what it was so I'd just tune them out. Basically what I took away from it was that both parties want to give the middle class more money to spend to put more money into the economy. The republicans want to do that by lowering taxes and the democrats want to do that by giving people loans. At least that's what I think they were saying. If not, that's to me what they're saying now!

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