Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not Yet Fall

It's finally starting to cool down! The nights are starting to be reasonably chilly and and days are starting to be a decent temperature as well. Fall is my favorite season so I'm glad it's coming, but it's still about a month away. It's kind of weird to think about that seasons, people get them wrong all the time. I remember this summer I was listening to some ad on the radio that was trying to tell me that technically, Memorial Day was the first day of summer. All I could think of was "No, technically, the first day of summer is the summer solstice, which is around June 22nd, a good month away from labor day."  I think the ad was for coffee of something, but if it had been for something that I actually might have used, I'm pretty sure I would have avoided that product, because of the ignorance of their ad.

Also if we think about seasons, Fall begins around the 22nd of September, so if you have a middle or early September birthday than your birthday is actually in the summer. Winter also starts around December 22nd which means that it actually snows in the fall a lot. Also, while Christmas is in winter, the majority of its celebration is in the Fall.

So yeah, that's my rant for the day, know your seasons.

Winter: Dec. 21/22 - March 21/22
Spring: March 21/22- June 21/22
Summer: June 21/22 - Sep. 21/22
Autumn: Sep. 21/22 - Dec. 21/22

Also, don't say osmosis unless you're referring to the diffusion of water, that's really annoying as well. Oh, and  don't leave doors open. I think that those are my only somewhat unreasonable complains. Or at least that I can think of now.

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