Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finally registered!

I finally registered to vote! I think that the real reason so few college students vote isn't because they aren't involved, but because you have to re-register every time that you move. So, I ended up registering to vote absentee. Although in my defense, there were a few legitimate reasons for it aside from just laziness. It was a lot easier to register online with my driver's license rather than going all the way downtown at a time when I was free and the office was open and I wanted to make sure that it got done, since the deadline is coming up soon. Also, it's pretty obvious that the electoral votes for Utah are going to go to Romney, so my primarily republican voice will have I feel like more of an influence in Washington. I realize that there are other things that you vote for other than just the President, but that is the big one this year. Also, Washington has more electoral votes than Utah does, so if by some crazy hapenstance my one vote did help to turn the tides, it would be more electoral votes than here in Utah.

I'm kind of excited for this weekend. The week feels like it's gone kind of fast, but at the same time I'm ready for a break from school. Tomorrow I have to take my first dance test though and I'm kind of nervous about it. Our teacher is really into tecnique and form, so not only do we have to know the new dance steps, but they have to be executed with perfect form. So... really hoping that goes well.

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