Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't shirk your work

When I was in Provo I didn't have a car and had to walk everywhere. I also lived a little over a mile from campus and the campus itself was huge. It wasn't unusual for me to walk 5 or 7 miles a day. That and probably the fact that I didn't have extra money to buy candy and junk a lot and I just naturally got in better shape. But now that I've been home for about a month and my job requires me to sit and watch people, I've been much less active. I was trying the running thing but, I really didn't like it, and I got blister so forget running to Canada. I'm thinking instead of doing p90x. I took the requirement test and passed it so I shouldn't die. Anyway, I guess I'll see how that goes.

Most of this week was occupied by work. I work a 10 hour day and talking to a friend today I realized that it isn't the fact that it's 10 hours that is a bummer, after all when I was doing drama and seminary I'd be gone for longer than 10 hours, but it's the fact that the hours are from 10:30-8:30 so I have to leave home at 10:00 and I don't get home until 9:00. So you really can't do anything else all day. That's a little frustrating but aside from that the job isn't bad and certainly isn't difficult. Especially when no one shows up.

Thursday I intended to go to work but there was a big accident closing off the whole road so I wasn't able to go in. That night after everyone else had gone to bed my dad and I watched Psycho. I hadn't seen it before and even though I knew the general story line it was pretty good. It wasn't really that scary but I always think it's interesting how scary movies can act as a catalysis for your imagination. If you ever want to know if you still have an imagination, wait until it's good and dark and you're either alone or everyone is asleep, go downstairs if you can so that later you'll have to walk up them alone, put in a movie that actually is scary, and then after it's over, all you have to do is walk upstairs and go to bed without turning on any lights. Good luck!

Friday evening we watched the new Mission Impossible, which I hadn't seen before. It was pretty good, especially considering that it had been so long in between the other movies. I'm pretty sure the first one came out in 1996 or some time around there.

Saturday I got certified in CPR and went to a first aid class. I guess now some people are doing chest compression only CPR because they don't want to put their mouth on someone else's and it's better than nothing. I think that's kind of weird though because personally I'd rather give someone rescue breaths than chest compressions. The person isn't going to throw up on you unless you do it wrong and and all you have to do is tilt the head back, plug the nose and blow into the mouth gently. Trust me, as a person that's been both kissed and received a rescue breath, they're totally different. Chest compressions are a lot easier to mess up on my opinion and assuming that you are doing it right, you're going to hear the cartilage in the person's chest cracking and breaking. That sounds kind of horrifying.  

The manikins that were were using to practice had this blank open stare and open mouths of course. They kind of reminded me of those creepy mannequin soldiers things in FMA that come to life with the philosopher's stone.

Saturday I was also asked to speak at Seminary graduation. My second year in a row. Last year it was to represent the graduating class but this year its on behalf of the institute to tell everyone how awesome it is and such. I've only been 3 or 4 times, but it is pretty cool and hey, apparently it only took a few times for them to see that I would make a fantastic spokesperson. I would have been going anyway as a ward missionary to talk to the new graduates about the single's ward. Riley was sitting next to me when they told me about going and he got roped into going too. I told him later that even though he had to go, he should be glad I was around because I'm a blessing in his life. He told me I was blessing him by teaching him the gift of patience. Well... he'll need it some day I'm sure.

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