Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day one

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

Here I am as a super hero. I'm the cool one with the cape. My friend drew this of me and some other friends of ours, its what we would look like a super heroes. If your interested, you can find this picture and more if his art here, on his deviant art page.

                                                            Here's a normal picture of me.
 And 15 facts: 

 1) I'm named after other people. April comes from April O'neil, the reporter girl from the ninja turtles and my middle name, VeNae comes from my maternal grandmother.  
2) I have a somewhat large extended family, with over 30 cousins. 
3) I'm a senior in high school. 
4) I don't like cooked fruit so I don't eat baked apples, apple sauce, and most cobbler and pie. 
5) I'm the second kid in my family, out of 4 kids. 
6) In my house we have a pet cat, rabbit, 2 mice, and we had a fish but it recently died. 
7) I'm the Historian from my high school's drama club. 
8) I'm the secret leader of a revolution against text talk.
9) I'm LDS.
10) Even though I'm still in high school, through running start I'm also in my third quarter of college.
11) My favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry, but I don't like to eat it all the time. 
12) I'm a night person and typically stay up way to late. 
13) My weird friends and I like to assign different people we know to different roles when ever we watch a movie/ tv show, read a book etc. 
14) Although I haven't done it for a while, I enjoy hanging out at the park and rolling down the hills. 
15) I had a surprisingly difficult time coming up with 15 facts about myself. 

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