Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Post

      Hey everyone! I'm April and this is my first post. What with my leaving soon I though it would be cool to get a blog and I don't know, inform people of all my adventures. I was debating getting a tumblr, but it kind of just feels to much like the next myspace to me, which is sort of ironic since the blogs were always my favorite part of myspace. Also, I already have a facebook to post random videos and stuff on. Besides, I tend to write a lot so I just figured blog was the way to go.

     I guess the typical norm of the first post is to kind of introduce yourself to the world and you know say some cool stuff about yourself but I decided to do something a little different. I figured that since pretty much all of you reading this already know me, I'll just gradually introduce myself with the 60 day photo challenge. I know the 30 day ones were popular on facebook a little while ago but today is 60 days away from graduation so I thought it would be cool since that way it can be a countdown to graduation too. And, even though I plan on updating regularly, this way I know I have at least 60 days worth of posts planed So, here comes day one.   

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