Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our area is really starting to do well

Hello friends! This week was I feel like pretty eventful so hopefully I can say everything that I'd like to! I feel like our area is really starting to do well and we are really having success at finding and teaching new investigators. Which inevitable means that I am about to get transferred. Whenever the area really starts to turn around and good things start happening there I get booted. But who know, I guess we'll see in a few weeks.

 Let's see, where to start. This week we were able to pick up two new investigators who both now look like they have a lot of potential. The first is a girl that we tracked into named Haley. She and her son Colton are looking for a new church to join and have never heard of our church before. What they have heard of though is some scary sounding Korean church she was investigating a few weeks ago where you have to wear veils and they have additional scripture that answers all of your questions that you can't see or know about until you become a member. So you know I figure, if she was willing to give that a shot we ought to be pretty golden! She was it seems pretty involved in Wicca in the past though and probably has been watching a little too much Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Supernatural (we got a lot of questions about Lilith and succubus and the Hell Mouth (ok, maybe not that last one...)) but that shouldn't be too hard to straighten out. And she is really interested and honest with her questions so I'm excited for her!

 Our second new investigator is named Victor and we've had some interesting times with him... We scheduled two appointments with him which were both dropped (he forgot about them) and we helped him move some branches out of a truck. Finally, on Saturday we had a lesson with him which was a disaster! He kept getting distracted about random things, we would say apostle and he started talking about opossums and about how he liked my boots and oh my lanta it was a mess. Sister Bishop is amazing though and even with all of that nonsense going on she still invited him to baptism! And somehow we got a return appointment with him the next day. I don't know for sure what happened between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon but the next day the lesson was totally different. He was on track, calm, listened and answered questions and we were able to teach a good and powerful restoration lesson. At the end of it he said "I know what you are telling me is true." and as we were leaving he stared reading the chapter that we left for him in the Book of Mormon.

 Charles and Judi and continuing to do well, and working on their word of wisdom fantastically! This week were also able to meet with some amazing potentials as well! So we are hoping to get some great new investigators this week.

 We've been having some fun with the Chaparral Elders recently. Elder Evan's new companion is from Peru and doesn't speak a whole lot of English, so Elder Evans has been teaching him English and he is practicing with us. He is also teaching us a little Spanish as well. The Elders came over the other day to bring us back our GPS and Sister Dummar and Sister Bishop kept offering him food. The poor guy didn't know it was ok to say no! And he also made us lunch yesterday when we went out to Chappy to see our new investigator Tina. We also got to see Elder Evan's hole. Apparently for exercise he just digs a hole deeper and deeper every day. I guess you can do that when you live out in the middle of nowhere. I'll have to take a picture of it the next time I go out there but it's at least 6 ft deep.

  We've been having a lot of adventures out in Chappy recently including talking to random German people, eating a lot of food, and organizing jewelry with Tina. So it's been fun! This is my 5th transfer covering Chappy and I still see something exciting every time I go there. One of these days I'll have to go explore it as a regular person.

 In other quick news, our stake split of course but only the same way that it was already split by zones so it doesn't really influence us, Sister Dummar has officially become my secretary ( I just realized that I always make her write everything down for some reason) and probably will be forever. When is secretary day? Someone tell me and I'll get her something =D Also, I've been teasing her because she almost told someone their house smelt nice when it reeked like pot ha ha.

 Ok, really quickly, I have been thinking a lot recently and wanted to talk about something a random man in a Rio Rancho Walmart dubbed as "low informational Christians". He told us he was sick of talking to and running into them and I have to say I agree! Ok, now let’s not get crazy here, you are always learning of course and you are never going to know everything, especially random things like dates, but so many people claim to be Christians and don't know anything about it! Do you know how many people don't know the 10 commandments? How can you follow them if you don't know what they are! And even in the church, it scares me honestly how little people know about their own faith. I've had missionaries ask me "wait... the Book of Mormon was written where again?" Please, read and study your scriptures. Lean, grow, fulfill your purpose of being here on the earth! If you can tell me more about Minecraft than Nephi we have an issue! The way that you obtain freedom is from knowledge, enlightenment and understanding. Do you know how many people have died, sacrificed and given anything so your scriptures could exist today! Don't waste their sacrifice. It has been said that the scriptures have never been more accessible than they are today BECAUSE they have never been more needed. Heavenly Father is giving us the tools and he expects us to use them. Ok, sorry, this turned into way more of a lecture than I wanted but I don't have time to beat around the bush and make is eloquent. I promise next week I'll write about something more uplifting!



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