Monday, December 14, 2015

This week has been full of singing!

So guess what this new transfer is bringing to us? Well, I'm staying here in Hondo Pass! This is the longest that I've stayed in any area so far, so that's kind of crazy. We are also going to be trio training this transfer! Which means that we are going to get another new missionary and Sister Dummar and I are going to train her together while I finish training her during her second transfer. How is that going to work? I have no idea. But we'll figure it out I'm sure. 

This week has been full of singing! We haven’t been caroling almost every night and on Saturday we sang at the mall for a few hours. It was pretty cool I have to say and the institute was super kind and feed us after. I really do feel like people are way nicer to us than we deserve. We also had an awesome ward Christmas party and Charles and his wife came. Ha, she was like "I didn't know Mormons celebrated Christmas!" A comment that became even funnier because just the next day we were talking to a member who told us a story about how she told some guy Merry Christmas and he response was "Don't tell me, you're a Mormon!" Apparently Catholics don't like Christmas? At least here in El Paso apparently? 

We had two lessons with Charles this week that both went really well. Our lesson yesterday we read over the baptism interview questions with him. He still has a long way to go until he's ready (prophets, tithing, and Word of Wisdom) but he has the desire to be baptized. He is doing really well and keep pretty much all of his commitments.

We also had a good lesson with Molly and will hopefully be able to schedule something really soon for her baptism. We're going to have dinner at their house on Christmas though so that will be awesome! 

Other than that it's just kind of been the same old same old. Sorry that I don't have too many exciting adventure this week. Maybe with a new person we can get into more adventures. 

This week I have been studying humility and how it helps with personal growth. I guess I don't have anything really interesting or enlightening to say about it, but really just the thought that it encompasses so many things. I think especially when we see something as either an exception or we think we know better. Of course there are going to be some exceptions to things but in the long run we have to ask ourselves, who knows better? Me or God? Or, what do I gain by "being right"? Sometimes you do need to be right, but sometimes you don't. In the talk We'll Ascend Together it talks about how often we have a choice, to be happy and progress or to be right. Pride also goes both ways. It can be in putting yourself above everyone else but also in putting everyone else above you. A sort of false humility. Anyway, I'm sure you all knew that already. I hope you are having a merry Christmas season and a fantastic week! 



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