Tuesday, June 30, 2015

having a lot of lightning

This week has been kind of a slow one for us, we only had two lessons and one was basically a drop lesson, which is never fun. We were able to have a really good lesson with Mia though about the Restoration and we committed her to read The Book of Mormon and pray about it, which she agreed to do. It's excellent for Mia since we starting to think that she wasn't really that interested. We were also able to get back in touch with Greg! Which is fantastic since we haven't heard from him in over a month and we get to meet with Paul next week. This upcoming week is looking like it is going to be really good, and it will be interesting to see what New Mexico is like for the 4th of July. Mostly we worked with a lot of less active members this week and we are thankfully seeing some good progress with them. So that has been super good.
The only really bad thing this week is that our most progressing investigator Ruben is moving to ABQE. But I'm sure the missionaries over there are great too. We were able to attend a baptism with Ruben this week too, which was great until some old man tried to set us up with our Zone Leaders. I guess he thought we were YSA's (there was a YSA activity going on at the church at the same time). He was very very persistent that we pair off and go to the dance. It was probably the most uncomfortable thing that's happened in the past I don't know, week maybe. Ha, awkward things are happening all the time it seems. We also ran out of miles this week since it's the end of the month so we did a good amount of walking this week.
The Relief Society in our ward is also super into birthdays and so they asked us to deliver some birthday cards to some less active members. So far there haven't been any bad experiences but a few interesting ones. The best one so far has probably been the member who had a swimming pool (one of the inflatable kid ones) right in front of their door. Maneuvering around that one in a skirt was a bit of a challenge! So, if you ever want to stop someone from coming to your house, just put a swimming pool in front of your door. But I can't guarantee that the missionaries won't still try.
We've also been having a lot of lightning storms recently, which I guess means this alleged monsoon season is coming. I still don't really know what that means or what to expect, but the storms have been pretty cool. It's interesting; there is a lot of lightning and thunder but almost no rain.
I don't remember if I told you guys or not but I am reading the Book of Mormon backwards. It was actually Sister Morco who gave me the idea, I had never heard of it before then. It's cool because instead of following of focusing on the story too much, you can focus on the individual doctrine that's in the chapter. Right now I'm in 3rd Nephi so I still have a long way to go but, if you ever want to mix up your reading a bit you should try it. But, don't do it unless you've already read it forward at least once first! Something that I've noticed recently is how often God tells people to record what they have learned or what is written. Christ actually chastised the Nephites for not writing some of the prophecies that they had been given and in many instances when records have been lost or destroyed people are told to write them again, like with Jeremiah. We've been talking to a lady about the importance of writing and how it can be a benefit to yourself even more than your posterity (although they can certainly benefit from it too) and it makes me realize that I probably should be less of a horrible journal writer. I just write too much, but, I know that it's important! So we'll all commit or recommit! Keep a record of your life; you will have more gratitude, peace of mind, reflection, and sense of purpose if you do.
Well, hope everything is going well, have a good 4th of July!

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