Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A trip to the movies

Hey! How's it going? For some reason when I was thinking of what happened this week the first thing I thought of is when we played Bump last week. Or Lightning/ Revenge as these Utah people call it. One difference though was that instead of just being out when you get out, when the person who got you out gets out you get back in, kind of like in chair soccer. Holy cow that game took forever! 

This week we met with one of our investigators who is a bit of a Catholic investigator. For some reason Missionaries have been just reading from the Book of Mormon with her for like a year. Don't get me wrong, that is great but that is literally all they have been doing, they haven't really invited her to do anything! Except for read of course. So over the last month or so we have been trying to teach her real lessons and it has been interesting so far. She's defenatly someone though that we can practice being bold with. This week she told us when we talked about Joseph Smith that he was like a saint, because he saw God. We told her that because of his claim, that Joseph Smith was the Prophet to bring back the restored gospel that no other church had or has, that he wasn't a Catholic saint. That he was either right, deceived, or crazy. There are no other options. That her argument that the Pope and the Prophet were both right is impossible, because they both claim to be the only person with all of God's authority to lead the world. And that if she really wanted to know who was the right person to follow, she could by sincerely praying and asking God. She said she would do it but, I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday to see!      

We also read with one of our investigators who is Baptist the devotional His Grace is Sufficient, to help explain our understating of works and grace and how they work together. It's very similar to the talk President Uchtdorf gave in the most recent conference. I heard it at BYU back in 2011 and have used it loads of times since! It got kind of popular recently so you may have heard or read it but if you haven't you should for sure. I know grace is something that is often hard to understand and it does a really good job of putting it into an understandable context. 

We did a good bit of service this week at St. Felix Food Pantry, which is sort of the Catholic version of a bishop's storehouse so that was kind of cool. I'm not really surprised though how many Catholic people there are around here but what does surprise me is how many Jehovah's Witnesses there are! I think I told you that some of them knocked on our door a few weeks ago but it's just kind of crazy how often we run into them. Maybe they really are just all over and I never paid any attention before. 

We had another good lesson with Ruben this week, so that was great. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and when we asked him what he thought he said "I believe what you are telling me is true. It makes sense and it feels right." YAY! I love it when people say that! Hopefully Ruben doesn't fall off the face of the earth like Greg did. Ugh, we haven't been able to talk to Greg in like a month but, when we do get a chance to meet with him again things are going to be great! 

We've also just been doing a lot of contacting this week. It's been pretty warm, in the low 100's during the day time and in the high 80's or 90's at night so no one is really outside but when we go talk to people they often offer us water, so that's usually a decent excuse to talk to them. Ha, we cleaned out our car today and found almost 20 water bottles! Ha, so we are staying pretty well hydrated and even gettin a little tan. Thankfully our ac got fixed (we hope) this morning (It's been broken for about 2 weeks now) because when Sister Markus gets too hot she starts laughing hysterically and crying. It's a little scary... the other day she reminded me of that one councilman guy in the Mask of the Phantasm. Ha, you know who I'm talking about right?! =D 

Speaking of movies, we discovered this week where all of the bugs in that tunnel in Temple of Doom came from. A lady in Rio Rancho's house.... I my goodness...We saw this lady outside and decided to talk to her and she invited us in. It was so gross, they were crawling all over everything and you could literally hear them falling off the ceiling and the walls.  I know it's probably bad but I'm kind of glad she wasn't interested because now we are never going back!

Ha, so now that you have that disgusting image in your mind, spiritually minded there are two things I have been thinking about a little this week. The first one was in our district meeting we talked about how people are like debit cards, you never know how much "value" aka ability to progress spiritually they have until you try them. We talked about how one of the reasons why we didn't make our zone goal was because we were too focused on individual people rather than everyone. It reminded me though of a quote that I read from a general authority a while back talking about member missionary work. I can't remember who gave it but the gist of it was that if we pick a date that we want to have someone ready to learn by or be baptized by, and then work with everyone we can, rather than picking a specific person, than we are much more likely to achieve our goal, because a person's agency isn't a factor. If we decide that we think that Jimmy can be ready by such and such date, Jimmy can always not be or decided he doesn't want to be, but if we decide someone, Heavenly Father can help us find who it is that is ready or will be ready by then that we can help. So I thought that was cool and a good reminder. The other thing I don't really have time to elaborate on so you'll just have to mull it over and think about how it pertains to the Gosple but it's from the Speed Racer movie. It's when Speed is getting all mad that racing is corrupt and always will be so what's the point of trying? And Racer X (who if you didn't know is really Speed's brother Rex! Ahhh what!!) tells him "It doesn't matter if racing never changes, what matters is if we let racing change us." So yeah, ponder that one! 

Well, I hope you all are doing well, talk to you soon! 



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