Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Don't let that crazy lady get you down

This week was track down the less active's week. Now that we have a car we can do fun things like that, ha ha. Actually, even though we have a car, we spend Saturdays and one other day a week walking and biking so that we can be out talking to people. Unfortunately we live on a huge hill, kind of the Rio Rancho equivalent of Grove and now that it is summer it is covered with dead rabbits, which is a little sad but mostly gross. I remember when Seth and Aaron told me that they go rabbit hunting in Nevada I thought that was crazy but now I get it! Those things are everywhere! So Saturday we rode our bikes up Mt. Tulip as Sister Markus likes to call it, and got to our less active lesson. The member asked me if I had sun screen because my face was getting burned. I said yes and we all moved on. Well, actually I wasn't burned at all, it was just so red from going up the Mountain that she though it was. So, I don't know if that tell you how bad her eye sight was (isn't not super good), how out of shape I am, or how steep the hill was but anyway, that happened. 

Saturday we also had an interesting tracting experience. We met a woman who demanded to see our proselyting permit and if we couldn't come up with it right away we were in big trouble because her husband is an attorney (my guess is that he practices medial law or something totally unrelated). So we showed it to her, ha ha! But she still wasn't very happy with it because apparently it wasn't official enough because it wasn't from the city of Rio Rancho. You know, only from the Prophet..... Ha, anyway, I just never thought that I would need that thing, so good thing we had it with us! 

Don't let that crazy lady get you down though, we also met this really cool guy named Al this week. We knocked on his door and he told us that he and his wife used to meet with Elders and had all of the lesson and a baptism date and everything and then something happened ( I don't know what, he didn't say). We told him that we were sure that he had felt the spirit while they had been teaching and that even though something had happened that maybe now was the right time and he should try again. He agreed! He said he would talk to his wife about it and hopefully we are going over there this week, so that was super cool. 

As far as the rest of our friends are doing, we weren't able to see many of them this week. I'm noticing things that normal people like I dislike as a missionary. You know, summer, Friday nights, things that prevent people from meeting with us! So, nothing particularly exciting to report there. 

Well, sorry we didn't do to much exciting this week! Hopefully we'll have lots of great lessons and experiences in the next week to fill you in on! And I'll have more time to tell you about them! I had to take a bit of time today telling President Miller about how Sister Markus really really wanted to speak at the zone conference next week. Ha, ha just kidding. It's kind of funny though, she is afraid of all of our leadership! Even our good old DL Elder Summers. She won't even talk to him on the phone for the weekly report. So of course some form of leadership has been coming over to role play and help her get through that fear. Last night the assistants randomly showed up to role play. Ha, so that's been interesting! 

Well, I hope that things are going well! Sorry to be short. Read Elder Oakes’s talk The Challenge to Become! It is great! Talk to you next week! 



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