Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So, something I wasn't expected happened this week.

During our studies someone knocked on our door. We weren't expecting anyone to come pick us up and no one ever comes over of course so we didn't know who it was. Well, it turns out that it was Jehovah's Witnesses! They were tracting in our apartment complex I guess. They weren’t super excited though when we opened the door and saw our name tags ha ha, poor guys. 

This week Sister Markus got sick as well and kind of randomly too. So I have to admit that despite the guidelines that "I consecrated missionary doesn't wish for things to prevent work" I kind of always wondered what having a sick companion would be like. You know, you can't go out so it has to be at least a little relaxing. Well, let me tell you that it is not! We still had a lesson that we had to teach that night so I had to call like a million people to get everyone we needed to come with us and stay with her and all of that, which was crazy because the clock was counting down until we had to leave. And then, when that was finally taken care of, we had like two hours until the lesson but couldn't go anywhere. So, this is where the supposed "relaxing" part is supposed to be right? False. For two hours I was sitting around with nothing to do while I kept thinking to myself "are you being productive? why aren't you being productive? Why aren't you doing something useful? Stop just sitting around!" Ugh, stressful. 

Other than that though, things in the Rio Rancho world are going well. We've received a lot of referrals recently which is awesome and our one investigator on date is making real progress! Before this transfer we had hardly ever met with him and now we are meeting once a week, so seeing his progress is really pretty cool. We've mostly just been working a lot on teaching better together and teaching Sister Markus in the ways of the missionary. It's crazy the difference another hour inside can make. There have also been a lot of freak rain storms this week. Apparently New Mexico has a monsoon season but I have heard all kinds of crazy things about what that actually entails. Some people make it sound like the monsoons of Africa and some people make it sound like it's going to sprinkle a little more than normal. So.. Who knows what is really going to happen. What I have experienced so far is that it dumps rain for about 10 minutes and then goes back to being 90 degrees like nothing ever happened. So yeah, this place is weird. 

So, I've been thinking recently about something that I read in Exodus that I'm not sure what it means. So I'd like to throw it out to all of you smart people. If you can figure it out, let me know. I have been reading recently about the plagues in Egypt. You know the story, Moses says "Let me people go" Pharaoh says "no way" and something bad happens and we repeat the cycle until finally all of the first born children die and then Pharaoh gives up (kind of). Anyway, here is the interesting thing. The first 3 or 4 miracles are performed by Aaron. God tells Moses to tell Aaron to do something and he does and then bad stuff happens. At first I was thinking that it was symbolic of priesthood power, because you know that later Aaron is ordained as the priest and the Aaronic priesthood comes through him and his descendants. But then on miracle like 4 or 5 or something Aaron stops doing them and Moses starts. So I don't know what the significance is. Maybe it's just that Moses is getting more confident and doesn't need Aaron to do it anymore, maybe I'm just reading too much into it, (wait no, who are we kidding, this is the Bible, everything means like 10 different things) so, I don't know, what do you all think? Another cool thing that I learned is that the first Passover was eaten standing up with your shoes on and your staff in your hand. And that if you ate unleavened bread during the 7 days of the feast that you were like banished from Israel. Crazy stuff. 

But anyway, on to something that we actually understand. This week I read Ephesians 6, which talks about the armor of God. What I really like though is verse 12, 19 and 20. You should read through that section, verses 11-20, its super good. And I know that we talk a lot about the armor of God and how awesome it is and everything, but I really like that we put on the armor of God because of verse 12 and that if we ask and try, we can have verses 19 and 20. But we have to keep asking and we have to keep trying, because it isn't easy for any of us, not even for Paul, who is writing here. I also read 3 Nephi5:13 this week too, which is pretty awesome. 

Anyway, I hope that you all are doing amazing! Happy early mother's day and hope to hear from you soon! 



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