Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A little short, craziness

Sorry this might be a little short, craziness has ensued this week as far as having other things to get done so I've almost run out of time! This week we had the opportunity to go to the temple, we get to go twice a year, right around conference, so that was pretty cool. It was also fun to see some of the other missionaries that I had worked with before. Now that I've transferred and been out of a little bit, I actually know people when we have big meetings and stuff. Although I guess that the real sign that you're an old missionary is that you don't know people at meetings because they're all too new. I can't actually think of anything else super exciting or interesting that has happened this week, sorry! We have been doing a lot of training and introducing so that S. Markus can know people and know what we do. We have been teaching a man named Dennis a lot, he actually has a baptism date so that is pretty exciting! Our most prospective investigator though, who is the epitomy of a Black Baptist man is now moving to North Carolina for at least a month. But on the bright side, he said that he and his wife were going to finish The Book of Mormon by the time he got back! So, hopefully that will happen! Honestly I think that Amos 8:11-12 has become one of my favorite scriptures, at least for now. When you really do find those people who are hungering after the word of God, it is an amazing thing! Now if only it would happen a little more often! If I didn't tell you about Amos though, you probably would have thought I was in love with Alma 32, just from how well I know it. I think by the end of my mission I'm going to have it memorized, just from using it so many times. 

I don't remember if I told you about Charles and Tracy and their sign already. Their dog was killed in a hit and run on the busy road outside of their house. So to make the person feel bad they put up a huge sign that says "YOU KILLED OUR DOG!" on one side and then on the other side "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP!". It kind of reminds me of the signs you see on the way to the Arlington Stake Center from our house. You know the ones that are like "JESUS LOVES YOU! WHY?" 

Anyway, sorry I have to go. I promise I'll make this longer and more detailed next time! 



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