Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We did the Sealing

So this week was craziness! We had probably more appointments fall through this week than ever before, so that was kind of disappointing, but the weekend was super awesome so that made up for it. This week we did service as a zone at Road Runner, which is a food bank. By the way, real road runners are super weird looking. We repackaged rice and sorted produce. Part of the repackaging rice process involved sealing the new bags closed. The Elders offered us the sealing job first because it was the only time we were going to be able to have "sealing power". Ha, it was fun though, not too difficult and we got a lot of rice repackaged what with all of us. It's kind of funny though because that's almost the same service project that we did when I was in the MTC on Thanksgiving. 
We had an interesting lesson with Gerard this week. We taught him the plan of salvation. Apparently he thinks that agency is like a terrible thing. He doesn't want free will and wants God to just make him do what he wants. So, that was a dynamic that didn't exactly expect to encounter. 
Thursday we had dinner with Aurora and Miguel and then took them to a baptism that the Elders were having so that they could see what it would be like for Miguel that weekend. Aurora was totally in tears during the service, it was awesome. Miguel also got his interview afterwards and it took like 45 minutes! It was kind of fun though while we were waiting we (Sister Stokes, Aurora and I) got to talk to Elder Guyman and one of their investigators who was with them. It was kind of cool for them I think to be able to talk to different missionaries and get to know more of us. Elder Guyman also apparently has a friend in the Everett mission. I don't remember her name but I think that he said that she is in Mill Creek right now.
Saturday was insanely busy but good. We got up early and went to the meeting with Elder Holland, which was legit. It was kind of funny though, we had a lesson earlier in the week where we listened to a devotional Elder Holland had given at BYU in 1999. Ha, he looks a little older than he did then! He talked a lot about how we need to become more converted and about how Preach my Gospel was designed to convert the missionary so that they would not only know what to do, but want to do what needed to be done for their investigators. He also talked about how we as missionaries (in general, not mission specific) don't teach with enough power and authority. About really thinking and realizing that God Himself has set you apart and given you the power needed to do His work. And then acting on that. He also threatened to track us down if we ever left the church and break our windows and mess with our thermostats and make our lives a living nightmare. And how of all the people who leave, while all are devastating to God, having those that have work with Him as shepherds for His sheep is even more so. Also apparently when he was shaking our hands he interviewed us by looking at us? I don't know, that's what he said. But, No one said they needed to talk to me after the meeting so I guess I'm not doing too badly!  
After the meeting we booked it over to Mathew's baptism. He is Donna's (one of our investigators, part member family) son. She was totally baling her eyes out seeing her husband baptize her son. It was awesome! Which I know is what I said about Aurora at the Winner's baptism but I don't know what else to say, it just was awesome! We are meeting with her (Donna) tomorrow so, that should be a good lesson. 
We then had two lessons, one with Daniel where we talked about families and then one with our new investigator Tom, which both went pretty well, and then came back up to the Stake center for Miguel's baptism. Aurora gave the opening prayer and we had his primary teacher and then a friend of Aurora's gave the talks and we (Sister Stokes and I) sang "Lord I would Follow Thee" and Brother Walker baptized him. It was a funny contrast because Brother Walker is like 6'6 and Miguel is like 5'2. But the service went well. Miguel also talked a little about how he met the missionaries, which I think I told you before, and just his thoughts on being baptized. He is a super spiritual little kid. I'm really just super happy and excited for him. 
We also had a dinner that night with the Smith's and their neighbor Carol who we've gotten to know a little bit. We were super pumped to teach with more power and authority and we totally did. We talked about The Book of Mormon and modern prophets and God's love. I was getting teary eyed, Brother Smith was getting teary eyed, heck she was even getting teary eyed! But... she still said no to our teaching her more. So that was disappointing but... what can you do?
Sunday we were able to take Miguel to the Living Legends devotional which was pretty cool too! 
Well, that's about all I've been up to recently. I hope things are going well with you. It's kind of crazy to think that we are almost in March! 
Talk to you next week! 


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