Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Living Scriptures Rock

Well, this week I actually remembered to bring my planner so let’s see if anything interesting happened, ha ha.
Well, at our last Zone Conference our old Zone leader came to visit (last transfer he went home). It was cool but kind of funny too because we were like "Hey! Elder Taylor! Wait.. What is your name?" Turns out his real name is Justin but it was too weird to call him that so he just got called Taylor. Ha he also sent us a picture of him and President Miller at a Lobos (the local basketball team) game. Psh, President Miller, gets an I-pad, gets to go to basketball games..... ha ha. 
Something was clearly in the Taylor Ranch water this week. We had breakfast for dinner five times! I'm pretty sure every night we had a dinner scheduled we had breakfast for it! So, it's a good thing I like eggs an pancakes! I've never had something like that happen before. We really just get pretty normal food here, except that everything has green chili on it. Although I'm sure it gets weirder once you’re out of the city. Transfers are coming up soon so it will be interesting to see if I stay here or not. I'd like to though, Daniel and Rebecca are getting baptized on March 7th and I'd be mad to miss that! Speaking of which, they are awesome! They've been talking a lot to their respective parents and Daniel's mom is even considering having missionaries come by. 
We also got some crazy soup this week. One of the guys that we visit used to be someone's person chef and a lot of times when we go over he gives us some food. This week he gave us some peach puree, chicken noodle and vegetable soup. It was pretty good, you couldn't really taste the peach flavor in it but it made it sweet so it was interesting. He also gave us some Conference rolls to go with it that we accidentally turned into sour dough rolls. We sort of put them out to rise and then forgot about them over night. So they tasted like sour dough rolls. Still good but not exactly what we were planning! 
We had a lot of really good lessons this week, people are progressing really well and it's always cool to see their growth. Valentine’s Day was fun, go figure that no one wanted to meet with us since it was also a Saturday and a long weekend, but we went to dinner that night with Rebecca and Daniel and they were super awesome and brought us chocolate covered strawberries. Rebecca was telling us too about how apparently her doctor told her she wasn't allowed to exercise as much. Her resting heart rate is too low! She is super into exercising though, she goes to the gym for like 3 hours a day!  Did any of you do anything fun?
Sunday we went to visit a less active member and her daughter and granddaughter were there. She mentioned how she had these church videos up in her closet. They were called like Living Scriptures or something?? Ha, anyway we were like "Yes! Watch those! They are legit!" He granddaughter also drew me a picture of the two of us (her and I) teaching people about God together so that was actually kind of cool. 
Well, that's about all that I can think of that happened last week. This week is looking pretty good with lessons and we finally have some service to do (I keep telling people, let us do service for you, I want to wear pants but they never seem to believe me). And then we are of course having Mathew and Miguel's baptism on Saturday after our meeting so it should be pretty cool! 
Something that I have been thinking about this week has been how we are always in debt to God. I read this week Mosiah 2: 21-22. How after all that he has given us if we were to serve Him with every breath that we have we would still be unprofitable servants. And yet all He asks is that we keep His commandments, which are created to bless us and to bring us closer to Him and help us feel His spirit more anyway! Nephi somewhere in 2 Nephi talks about how everything God does is for the benefit of mankind. So not only is it His work and glory, but He doesn't even do anything else ever unless it is something that will help or bless us! Talk about love! God doesn't care that we are unprofitable servants because He loves us. It's not about getting ahead or even getting even with what He has given. It's about giving us everything that He is able. And that ability to receive it or not really depends on us. This week we have done a few little things to help us become better missionaries and better Disciples of Christ. And almost immediately we were able to see blessing and benefits from it! Every little effort we put in is rewarded! I can't even believe how much we don't deserve that! No one celebrates our righteous successes more than Heavenly Father!

Anyway, I just thought that was cool. Well, hope you all are doing awesome and being all that you can be and all that. Hope to hear from you soon. 



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