Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Well, I just discovered something that I've been secretly suspecting for a while now. I am secretly a ninja. Last weekend I was coming back from a dance with Autumn and Brittni. For some reason we were talking about running. Autumn made some comment about being able to outrun the both of us. So of course I decided to outrun her. You know, running and I are just not meant to be. Literally one step into my running it decided to try and show me who was boss. I don't know if I tripped over my shoelaces, the curb, my own feet, or if it was just the inherent evil of running itself that brought me down, but suddenly my face was making a bee line for the pavement. So, that probably would have been kind of embarrassing/painful, except that I broke my fall by rolling over my shoulder, just like a ninja. I didn't even think about it either. So yeah, it was actually pretty cool.

So what do we learn from this experience?

1) It's possible that I am secretly part ninja
2) More likely, that Jiu Jitsu class last year (where we practiced rolling to break your fall) actually payed off. Which is still pretty cool.
3) Most importantly though, running is evil, leads to nothing good, and will stop at nothing to prove its point and take you down.

On an unrelated note, I'm half way through my finals. Yesterday I had Composing Personal History and Ballroom (I also managed to walk up and down a big hill and around campus in a dress and heels in the snow and ice without falling too, which I'm also kind of impressed with) and this morning I had Japanese. So I've got a paper to write and I need to study for Fund Lit tomorrow. Then my scheduled exams are over and sometime between tomorrow and Thursday I'll take D&C and New Testament. So things so far are going alright!

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