Saturday, December 15, 2012

Finally Finished

Well, I'm still alive so I guess that means that I survived finals week. It was a nightmare but, it always is. I ended up with a really bad schedule for finals this semester. 4 out of my 6 classes were scheduled and 3 or the scheduled ones were at 7 in the morning. My grades haven't come out yet, I don't think that they will until next week sometime but I feel like in general on my finals I did fairly well.

So I finished my last final on Thursday afternoon and then I headed up to Salt Lake City with Autumn. We got there around 6 and spent a few hours at the malls before we went to go see The Hobbit. It was really good, I highly recommend it. The only thing that I think I would have changed is that I'm a bit of a traditionalist and would have preferred it without the appendices or Lord of the Rings references, but that's really a pretty small detail. Now that I've seen The Hobbit though I'm excited to see Les Miserables.

Since we went to the midnight showing, we had to wait for the train to take us back for a little while and we still had to walk back from the train station I didn't end up getting home until about 6:30. So I ended up sleeping in for awhile the next day.

Once I finally got up I spent the majority of the day cleaning my room, packing, and running some general errands. That evening I had a date. We went to a hot dog place in Orem and then went back to campus where we played pool and I learned how to play 9 ball. By the way, did you know that if you don't return the pool equipment to games center they charge your student account $100! That seemed a little crazy to me. After a few games we watched Men In Black 3. I hadn't seen it before and it was alright. I'd say not as good as the first one but better than the second. After the date even though it wasn't particularly late, I was so tired from finals week, the movie the night before and everything that I just went right to bed.

This morning I got up and headed to the airport. The ride that I was going with had an earlier flight than I did so I ended up there for a few hours but it wasn't too bad. While I was waiting for my flight I stopped to get a hamburger. It tasted alright, you know it was just whatever burger place was around. When I pulled it out of the bag though it was literally dripping with grease. I'm pretty sure I lost a year of my life eating the thing.

I got into Seattle around 3 and home around 4. My parents went to a Christmas work party thing and Grant's girlfriend Sarah came over. The 4 of us (Grant, Brandi, Sarah, and I) played curses and had some fantastic yakisoba that Brandi made. After that Brandi and I watched Groundhog's Day and when my parents got back we all watched Elf. And that brings us to now. Now I'm going to sleep in my own bed, a bed that isn't too short for me, in my own room. And there's nothing you all can do about it.

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