Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Miracle

Today's story kids is about a pinch of Halloween magic . A few weeks ago our dishwasher broke. I don'r remember exactly when, but I'm pretty sure that whenever that was I mentioned it on here, so you can go find out if you want. Anyway, our landlord's husband came by to look at it and discovered that the engine was shot because we had been using too old of dish washing soap. Apparently, the old soap wasn't dissolving  and was stopping the water from coming through. This meant that the engine was running dry and overheated . He told us that trying to fix it was a lost cause and that he would order a new one for us.

While we were waiting for our new dishwasher we were washing dishes by hand and placing then in the dishwasher to dry. So the door was being opened and closed a lot. Well, on Halloween our dishwasher decided to rise from the dead, much to everyone's surprise  No one even pressed start, we just heard it running later that night.

When we discovered that it was working something along these lines occurred. 

The next day we got an e-mail from our landlord saying something along the lines of "Great news guys! Your new dishwasher will be here in a day or two!" with a follow up e-mail a day or so latter telling us that the new dishwasher was scheduled to go in the next day. Um..... right...

Well we all felt pretty sketchy accepting a new dishwasher when our old one was no longer broken but what were we going to do? The thing was already here and ready to go in and our dishwasher had broken once so who knows if it would do so again or not. We ended up e-mailing our landlord telling her about the Halloween happenstance and we were unsure on what grounds it had happened, and who knows if the dishwasher would fall apart again. So..... we didn't end up getting the new dishwasher, but our old one is still working so who knows.

The moral of this wonderful tale is that I'm thankful for a conscious that helps you out when you're tempted to do something wrong, even if it means that you don't get a new dishwasher and also for the relief that comes with a clear one. I'm also thankful for our dishwasher. Yeah it's old and junkey but hey, it's still functioning. And finally who can forget "Halloween Magic." It's a thing I guess. I mean who knew, I figured that was just a Christmas thing but hey, how silly of me to not believe. Halloween "miracles"  (at least broken appliance related ones) do come true! The Great Pumpkin is out there guys!

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  1. Ha ha! Great story April! Also.. I'm curious about who's who in the picture above! Please explain it to me at home! :)