Friday, November 9, 2012

First Snowfall

Holy cow today's weather has been crazy. It's been kind of slushy and gross for most of the day but recently it's started snowing for real. There's already a few inches and it's still coming down strong. Um, I don't really have any stories about snow, it doesn't really snow all that often at home. Usually we get about two or three days of snow a year. Before I came out to U:AFWTD on the first snow day of the year I would go down to Riley's house and we and the other kids that lived around would sled down the streets. Sometimes we'd have snowball fights and we'd always just walk around and look at the snow for a while. My last year home after we froze out, we watched How to Train Your Dragon and drew this super random picture. In defense of how strange it is, we took turns. Riley would draw one thing and then I'd draw a thing so we didn't know how it was going to turn out until it was done.

 It was always nice that it snowed, but not a lot. That way you were still excited for it. I've found out that after about a week or so I get tired of snow, especially if I have to walk around everywhere in it like I will here. At home though it snows enough that you can enjoy it without making you sick of it.

So for today I'm thankful for snow. It can be a big pain sometimes, but I've had a lot of good times with it and I'm glad it's a thing. On the other hand though, I'm also thankful for warm clothes, heaters, and indoors so that I don't always have to deal with the snow.
Brandi made this a few years ago. She'd probably been reading too much Calvin and Hobbs. 

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