Saturday, October 20, 2012


Happy Saturday!

So, weekend recap as of thus far. Yesterday I crocheted a dinosaur that I think looks alright. I still need to add the eyes, but once it's all finished I'll put a picture up. Last night I also  went to a dance at the Branbury and watched Night of the Living Dead. Well, kind of, I actually ended up falling asleep during it, I know, not a very good one to fall asleep for considering Zombies and what not but I had stayed up pretty late the night before studying for the dumb Fundamental Lit midterm.

Today I haven't done a whole lot. The kids in my Japanese class and I got together. We formed an unofficial,  non-BYU affiliated (mostly so we wouldn't have to do paper work or pay fees) club called Japanese Animation Appreciation Club. We watched Inception, which I realize is not actually anime but technically it was before the meeting actually started and one of the guys there hadn't seen it and then we watched a few
first episodes of some anime. Nothing real promising so far but it's hard to tell after just an episode or two.

Tonight I think I'm going to a scary movie up in the canyon. I haven't been to the place before and I still need to secure a ride so I guess we'll see.

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