Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catch Up

So Saturday I headed up with Autumn, Jennica, and her friend Michael to the canyon but it was really weird because when we got there no one else was there. We were at the right park but we must of had a wrong enterence or something. We decided though that it would still be a cool place to watch a scary movie on a laptop and planned on doing that, but eventually decided to go to a haunted house that we had heard about in Salt Lake. It was kind of interesting, I really, really liked the layout of the place. It was incredibly well designed and I particularly liked that while legally no people could touch you, that didn't stop vines, sheet, and other things from doing so. I was a little disappointed though in the actors. I guess the actors themselves were alright but there just weren't very many of them jumping out at you. A big part of the problem though was probably that we were there on a Saturday night and  it was too crowded. There were so many people in front of and behind us that stuff wasn't as much of a surprise as it could have been if it had been less crowded. It was fun though, I'm glad that we went.

Sunday hmmm, I went to church, wrote some letters, and did some homework, that's about it.

Monday for FHE we carved pumpkins and watched the debate. A lot of people I guess watched the debate for FHE but I suppose I should have expected that from here. It's just interesting to me how politically active everyone seems to be. Not that it's a bad thing at all, in fact I think that it's a great thing, just different is all. Speaking of which, my darned ballot had better get here soon!

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