Friday, August 31, 2012

Hey ya'll,

So... what should I write about today? I guess we'll see.

Last night I went to the game, which we won of course, 30 to 6. The only problem with it though is that it didn't get over until almost midnight and then by the time I got home it was about quarter after. And then of course, I still had homework to do. So I stayed up late doing the rest of my reading and then of course we didn't even talk about it in class. Oh well, you don't need more than three hours of sleep right? At least its Friday.

Oh, so you want to know what I'm doing for my Friday night? Making a cake! It is going to be so awesome.  So I'll probably take some pictures of it and you all can see it and be incredibly jealous.

Oh, so Autumn is here next to me, I've hijacked her computer,and she wants me to claim that she is awesome or something, but I think that we all know the truth. She is crazy weird and we all just put up with her for the free food =P

Hannah is also here. She however, is very awesome. And... that's it. Sorry not that exciting but I guess I just don't have much to say. See you all tomorrow!  

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