Monday, May 21, 2012

Adventure Time

This has been one of those strange weeks where it feels like it went by really quickly, but when I think back to last Monday it feels like it was a long time ago. I suppose the most important thing I did this week was secure myself a job. I went to that interview on Tuesday and got the job, so now I'm officially a pool attendant at a local camping club.I start work this week. Soon it can no longer be said that I've never worked a day in my life. So, if some time in the future I end up a stay at home mom and my husband decides to run for president, I'll be good. At least on that one tiny aspect.

The most interesting thing I did this week was go see my favorite associates up at their university, about a hour away from here. I spent Friday and Saturday there and we did numerous mature, responsible, adult things, such as: watching various cartoons, buying and reading comic books, having pizza, brownies, and juice boxes for dinner, making up a back story for Ken, the boyfriend of Barbie, that involved him having super powers and having some kind of horrid vendetta against sharks, researched the history of Barbie and her various associates, going on a quest to find "the worst book ever" (a book that I had read several years ago but couldn't remember the title of), and staying up to obscene hours of the morning. To our credit though, we did spend time watching the failed NASA launch, walking around the city, going to a brunch in the park thing, going to the store, and discussing politics, religion, abortion and a few other similar subjects. So I feel like the childish activities and the adult like activities about equal each other out, which is really just the way I prefer it. That way you (supposedly) have the wisdom and maturity of adulthood while still keeping the whimsical and fun nature of childhood (no one likes a fuddy duddy).

It was kind of nice when I was up there, there was a constant layer of mist, as opposed to Utah where sometime I feel like there's a thin layer of dust in the air everywhere. The streets however, were terrible. Instead of having regular streets where there are two lanes that go opposite directions, something like every other road is one way. It was annoying and I hope the designers regret their decision every day when they are I assume cursed to navigate around in their labyrinth of lameness.

Aside from those two things this week has been pretty lax. I've mostly just been watching Lost and crocheting. That reminds me, the bag I was trying to make horrendously failed, but I'm trying something similar now that hopefully will turn out well. Oh, I did today though gain a greater respect for bow ties. One of my friends at church today was wearing a real one and it was kind of the greatest thing.  

Something that I've noticed as I've been watching Lost is that the music in it is phenomenal. It really does a lot to contributing to the show. I remember someone telling me once that scary movies really wouldn't be that scary without the music. Sure they have the creepy story factor and no good horror film can survive without that element, but music can make a mediocre scary movie into a good one and a great scary movie into the reason a grown person  finds himself sleeping with the light on, stuffed animal in hand, for a week or more. I think the same thing can really be said about any situation giving the emphasis of proper music. Think about your favorite movie and about what it would be like without the music. Still wonderful I'm sure, but missing something. While movies are the first thing that I think of, like I said, I think the right music can add to almost any situation.

In Provo there were always multiple wards meeting at the same time and the walls in the church building were thin so sometimes we could hear the music from another meeting. Usually it was just random hymns but every once and a while the music went along astoundingly well with what we were discussing. One particular instance that I remember was on a Sunday evening during ward prayer. I don't remember why, but the spiritual though that was being given involved the person telling us in his own words the story of the First Vision. A sentence or two into the story from the room behind us comes the soft and gentle sound of another ward's talent for the evening, someone playing Joseph Smith's First Prayer. The timing of everything couldn't have been more perfect if it had been arranged.

Anyway, back to Lost, the music in it is good, is pretty much what I'm getting. Here's one of my favorite songs from it so far. Don't mind the video, for the most part it's irrelevant. I just like the music.

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