Sunday, November 13, 2011

I had a really great thing to be thankful for today but it'll take a long time to write so I'll do it later, maybe tomorrow.

So for today I'm thankful for kitchens. Kitchens allow me to make and keep fresh awesome food and have it not take all day. One of the main reason's I decided to live in Wyview was so that I could have a kitchen. Recently I had mostly just been eating frozen food or simple food or I'd eat at a friend's or at some kind of activity so I hadn't really cooked in a while. Last Tuesday I was challenged by Aaron to make better peanut butter cookies better than the ones in the vending machine. Obviously I couldn't let that challenge go unaccepted and so I made the greatest peanut butter cookies even seen in the state of Utah. From there I started making more and more things and real food and I suddenly remembered "Oh yeah, this is something I like to do". It's weird when you forget about how much you like to do something and then you do it again. It's like the joy in it almost surprises you but at the same time it's all too familiar.

This Thursday some friends and I are going to get together to have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with each other. I'm going to help make a turkey (here's hoping that turns out well) and probably a pie, and some other kind of edible dessert. There's going to be stuffing, and rolls, and all other kinds of amazing food and I can't wait for it. I can't wait to make it and to eat it and to smell it and to look at it and pretty much everything about it. Ok, so I take back what I said I was thankful for in this post. I'm thankful for food and how magic it is and how kitchens allow me to make that magic.

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