Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day Fifty Two

Day 52 - A picture of your favorite sport.

      As usual, the answer to this question will be somewhat lengthy and complicated. As a kid in elementary school and middle school, I played my fair share of sports. I played hockey for a year in elementary school, basketball for three years in middle school and was on my church team, I did track for a year in 8th grade, and I progressed through the ranks of softball, (t-ball, coach pitch, semi-coach pitch, normal softball, competitive softball), up until I think the 7th grade. Also in elementary school and the beginning of middle school my friends were the popular boys so we would cycle through playing football (touch when the recess duties were around), basketball, kickball, four square, and occasionally wall ball and soccer. Aside from being on actual teams, I think that I have somewhat of a competitive nature anyway, since I tend to want to make normal things contests a lot. 
     So, obviously I do like sports, and with my experience (oh yeah, there was also P.E. in there) I do know how most of them work. So if I went to any kind of game I would be able to follow it and I if I wanted to play I would probably at least know how you were supposed to. I never really cared that much though about following any professional teams. I enjoy the occasional game, but I never know who's playing in the Super Bowl until the day before. 
     I actually now that I think about it owe a lot to my involvement in sports since it's how I indirectly met most of my friends. I think also my minor involvement in sports has partially made my friends consider me "the strong one" even though I'm really not any stronger than they are and I Katy was involved in soccer all through out growing up and was on the tennis team every year in high school, but you know, whatever. 
     So now that you know all that stuff you didn't care about, on to the pictures!       

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Football is pretty fun to play (at least it was in my experience as a middle school and elementary schooler) the most interesting sport to watch. I'll admit though that the reason I like watching it the best is more for the atmosphere than the game itself. Football is just a really social event. Everyone always goes to the games and dresses up in their team's colors, so you can always find people there to hang out and goof around with. It's also pretty loud so it gives you a chance to scream and yell and cheer like crazy.  

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Basketball is the most interesting sport to watch if you actually want to go to pay attention to the game. I'd say it's my second favorite sport to play too. Even though it isn't as much as a social event, there are still pretty good crowds there. The cool thing about basketball is that the score can change really fast and things can be really fast paced, so get drawn in a lot more than you do with other sports. Also, I love for some reason when someone turns really quickly on a gym floor and their shoes make the really loud squeaking sound. When you're watching a game it just makes everything seem all the more intense.  

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Softball is by far my favorite sport to play. As I mentioned earlier, I traveled up the ranks of softball right up until the point where it started getting really competitive. Before I left though I did establish myself as an awesome 3rd baseman and a relief pitcher. I also mentioned earlier that my involvement in sports was how I indirectly met most of my friends. What happened was that when I started middle school I was in a new town from where I went to elementary school so I really didn't know anyone except for Riley, Karoline and a few other kids I went to church with and Kelsey who was the catcher on my softball team. Kelsey and I were friends and so I mostly hung out with her around school. As it turns out, she was friends with Chelsea, Hillary and Katy and so we met through her. James I knew since our brothers were friends and Scott joined us later, I think from knowing Katy. Eventually we formed a group of awesome. There were two other kids in our group of awesome they both moved away (one to another state and one to another school). I don't know if you remember but that middle school group of awesome is the same group of people from day 37 (the people you spend the most time with) with the exception of Natalie, who I formally met in 9th grade. Even though apparently our parents were in the same ward in a different city before we were born. 

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