Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Thirty Two

Day 32 - A picture of a crazy night.

     This is Senior Cruise. It was in the beginning of October this year, and I would defiantly call it a crazy night. Hillary, Natalie, Katy, Scott and I took a limo down to the pier and back, which was pretty awesome. It was my first time riding in one. We were accidentally dropped off at the wrong pier, so we had to hunt down the right one.  It was only one pier down, but it was still kind of confusing. Once we were on the boat, we went up to the top to watch us launch off and look at the "giraffes/ dinosaurs". 
      I had a lot of fun, and a lot of crazy stuff went down. One of my very few stereotypical obnoxious High School drama episodes occurred there, it was the first time I observed high school "dancing" otherwise known as a grindfest (don't worry, I didn't participate), I was mildly concerned that I would be crushed by a falling ceiling and a bunch of crazy dancers (the dance was on the second floor and when you looked up at it from the first floor it was literally pulsing), my first limo ride, and Hillary and Scott got "engaged', even though they already were "married" freshman year. That was fun, we waited until people were quite and then created a scene where he proposed to her. Not too many people were actually paying attention, but it was funny to hear the teachers talk about it. All in all, I would say it was a pretty awesome night, and a great start to my senior year.          

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