Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Thirty One

Day 31 - A picture of a tradition you have.

Sorry, I only have pictures of this from when I was little.

Pony rides 

Face painting 

There's money hidden in there.

Every year for Labor day my family and I go to the Scott's Picnic. It's the company picnic for Kimberly Clark (which used to be called Scott's), where my paternal grandmother worked for a long long time. It's really a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate the end of summer before the school year starts again. They have a free BBQ lunch including all the ice cream you can eat (A few years ago, my uncle challenged my to an ice cream eating contest. I lost horrifically. I think I quit after about 11. When my siblings and I were younger we would also try our best to eat our age in ice cream), games for the kids, which almost always involves a minor monetary value for the winners, and the older people play horseshoes and stuff.   The place where they have it is near a river so people like to skip rocks and wade in the water and just generally hang out. We've been going there for honestly as long as I can remember and it's one of the longest standing traditions we have that I can think of. This year though they'll have to go without me, since I'll already be in Utah.   

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