Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This week Diana and John got baptized! Yay!!

 I was totally going to send you some pictures but I forgot to bring my camera cord, so maybe next week. The services were both very good and both of them got their temple recommends at church on Sunday so hopefully they can go do baptism's soon. John is even going to stay until next Sunday so his friend Ricky, our Elder's Quorum President, can ordain him. So that will be really cool.
 Other than that we really didn't do too much, mostly just finished teaching them the lessons that they needed and going to interviews and stuff. And most of our other appointments cancelled. We had zone training too, which was good.
 One super funny thing that did happen this week was that it was Sister Bowen's birthday! Kind of. On Wednesday we had dinner with John and Ricky at Olive Garden. It was the girl at the table next to ours birthday and so of course they announced it and sang to her. Well, then John and Ricky got the idea to tell our waiter that it was Sister Bowen's birthday too. She kept telling him that it wasn't so they didn't do anything but they mentioned it every time he came over and they even threatened to announce it themselves if Sister Bowen wouldn't let them sing to her. She took away all of their knives because they were threatening to clink them on the cups to announce it.
 That evening we had a lesson with John and Ricky and Tony and we told him about what had happened. So he suggested that we announce it over the intercom in the barracks and ask everyone to sing ha ha but that didn't happen either. John also tried to get us to take all of the ice cream in his apartment as a birthday present.
 Well, then on Friday after our meeting our zone was having lunch, and the Redd and Restler Elders came out of the kitchen with a cake and started singing happy birthday to Sister Bowen. They had also, completely unrelated what had happened on Wednesday, without even knowing about it, decided to pretend it was her birthday too! So then of course after that, every day since has been her birthday. It's been pretty funny.
 This week we also had dinner at the senior couple in our ward's apartment and we managed to find our that he used to be a mission president (we had suspicions but they never said anything directly). So they told us lots of cool stories about that and a lot of random cat stories too. So if you ever want to know any funny cat stories let me know.
 Something that I have been thinking about this week is obviously baptism but in relation to that Moroni 8: 25-26 and Moroni 7:43-47. They talk about how we have to be meek and lowly in heart in order to have the Holy Ghost. And how the Holy Ghost will give us faith and hope and that hope will give us charity, which is the pure love of Christ. But also how we can only retain that through prayer and diligence (Moroni 6:3). Anyway, I know that we always talk about enduring to the end but I just love how much of a logical process this is. We have faith and we want to repent, we repent and we want to get baptized, we get baptized and we get the Holy Ghost, in order to keep the Holy Ghost we have to be meek and lowly of heart and have determination, those characteristics lead to Charity, which is what makes us Christlike and worth or and wanting to have the Holy Ghost. I don't know, maybe that doesn't make sense but it makes sense to me and it's my spiritual thought so that's really all that matters!
 Well, I hope you all have a fantastic week! Talk to you soon!

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